FBR warns legal action against non filers

FBR warns legal action against non filers

KARACHI: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday warned persons having taxable income to file their annual returns for tax year 2019 otherwise tax authorities will initiate legal proceedings.

The FBR issued reminder for persons having taxable income but so far unable to file their annual returns for tax year 2019.

The FBR said that the last date for filing income tax returns is January 31, 2020. It said that filing of income tax return is mandatory for all persons with annual income of Rs400,000 or more.

The tax body warned that in case individual/company fails to file their returns by due date, the FBR will assess the applicable tax without serving any notice.

It highlighted the disadvantages of not filing or late filing the returns as those persons would not be part of Active Taxpayers List (ATL).

The FBR said that non appearance on ATL the withholding tax will be charged at double rates.

Further, the FBR will initiate legal action that may result into imprisonment of one to three years. Besides, fine will be charged on late submission of income tax returns.

The FBR explain the procedure to file income tax returns. It said that an individual should login to IRIS with username and password; click on declaration tab after login; select tax year; select the form for relevant category; click on verification after entering details such as salary slip, bank statement, utility bill, tax statement, expenditure and assets etc.