FIA Discovers Over 400,000 Social Media Accounts Spreading Blasphemous Content

FIA Discovers Over 400,000 Social Media Accounts Spreading Blasphemous Content

Islamabad, July 17, 2023 – The Cyber Crime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has uncovered a staggering number of over four hundred thousand social media accounts involved in spreading highly blasphemous material in Pakistan.

This revelation came to light through a report filed by the FIA’s Cyber Crime wing, along with investigations conducted by the Legal Commission in the Rawalpindi Bench of the Lahore High Court.

In response to this concerning development, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony issued a statement, acknowledging that highly organized campaigns on various social media platforms are actively promoting and disseminating extremely blasphemous content. The targets of this offensive material include revered figures such as Allah Almighty, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), the Ahl al-Bayt, Mothers of the Believers, the Companions of the Prophet, the Holy Quran, and the national flag.

The Ministry further highlighted that these offensive materials, consisting of images and videos, are being shared through specific applications and groups on social media platforms. The primary objective behind these activities is to create chaos in Pakistan, disrupt peace and security, and foster animosity among different religious communities and sects.

It was revealed that the perpetrators orchestrate acts of blasphemy through conspiratorial means. They employ accounts with names that appear to belong to a particular religion or sect in order to defame and insult opposing religions or sects, exacerbating tensions and inciting hatred.

The Ministry emphasized the urgent need for awareness among all segments of society to prevent the misuse of social media platforms for the dissemination of derogatory and inappropriate content. It expressed deep concern regarding the negative and harmful effects of social media on society as a whole.

Efforts are being made to address this issue and curb the spread of blasphemous content. The FIA, in collaboration with relevant authorities, is taking strict measures to identify and prosecute those involved in the creation and dissemination of such offensive material. The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony called upon all citizens to be vigilant and report any instances of blasphemy or the spread of blasphemous content on social media platforms.

The government recognizes the significant impact of social media on society and aims to work towards creating awareness programs to educate individuals about responsible social media usage and the potential consequences of spreading hateful or blasphemous content.

It is imperative for Pakistani society as a whole to come together and promote harmony, respect, and tolerance, while ensuring that social media platforms are not exploited to spread blasphemous or divisive material that undermines the fabric of society.

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