FPCCI Backs Tajir Dost Scheme, Urges Further Simplification

FPCCI Backs Tajir Dost Scheme, Urges Further Simplification

PkRevenue.com – The Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) has voiced its strong support for the Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) initiative to bring small traders and shopkeepers into the tax net – the Tajir Dost Scheme (TDS).

FPCCI President Atif Ikram Sheikh highlighted the importance of all businesses contributing their fair share, emphasizing that the TDS provides a smooth path for small traders to fulfill their tax obligations. While acknowledging initial challenges, Sheikh expressed optimism, noting over 22,000 registrations under the scheme – a significant step towards broadening Pakistan’s tax base.

This positive outlook was further emphasized during a recent FPCCI-hosted session. The event brought together small traders with Karachi’s Chief Commissioners of Regional Tax Offices (RTOs) and Naeem Mir, the FBR’s Tajir Dost Scheme Chief Coordinator. The gathering aimed to foster open communication and build stronger ties between the FBR and small businesses.

Saquib Fayyaz Magoon, FPCCI’s Senior Vice President, reiterated the organization’s call for a wider tax net and a simplified tax system. He stressed the need to improve Pakistan’s tax-to-GDP ratio, which currently lags behind regional averages (9% compared to 16-18%). Magoon proposed a fixed tax structure for retailers, arguing that a turnover-based tax could discourage registrations and disrupt existing practices.

Aman Paracha, FPCCI Vice President, echoed the need for clear and transparent tax regulations for traders. He emphasized that clarity would ease concerns and make the registration process more appealing. Paracha suggested that tangible benefits from registering could make the TDS a major success story.

Naeem Mir, the Tajir Dost Scheme Chief Coordinator, acknowledged the challenges faced by small traders in affording professional tax assistance. He reassured them that the scheme is designed for simplicity and accessibility, with the 22,000 registrations demonstrating a growing willingness to comply.

Abdul Rehman Khan, Convener of FPCCI Sindh’s Regional Standing Committee on Small Traders, highlighted the importance of Karachi as the country’s commercial hub. He commended FPCCI for facilitating interaction between traders and senior FBR officials, which significantly promotes awareness about the scheme.

The session also saw Dr. Muhammad Sarmad Qureshi (Chief Commissioner, RTO-I) and Ms. Hina Akram (Chief Commissioner, RTO-II) address traders’ concerns in detail, solidifying the commitment to collaborative efforts between the FBR and the business community.