Honda to launch new electric bicycles

Honda to launch new electric bicycles

Honda announced today to launch three electric bicycles (EB) with stunning and bold look to facilitate youth of China.

The names of three Honda electric bicycle (EB) are Honda Cub e:, the Dax e:, and the ZOOMER e:. These bicycles have maximum speed of 25km/h or less.

The electric bicycles were inspired from Honda’s previous model released which are Super Cub, Dax, and ZOOMER.

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These three models are also the forerunners of Honda’s goal to introduce a total of more than 10 electric motorcycles globally by 2025.

The company said to provide customers with the joy and freedom of mobility in the electric motorcycle era, and offer new value-added products through electrification and intelligent technological improvements and innovations, bringing more enjoyment and experiences to consumers.

Electric bicycles have not become more than a means of transportation, but an important vehicle for sharing their lives and expressing themselves, which has led to a demand for more attractive and value-added models in its segment.