Customs Intelligence to auction foreign origin motor vehicles on Jan 14

Customs Intelligence to auction foreign origin motor vehicles on Jan 14

ISLAMABAD: Directorate of Intelligence and Investigation, Customs, Lahore has announced auction of foreign origin motor vehicles to be held on January 14, 2023.

The directorate has announced auction of following motor vehicles:

1. Mercedes Benz Car, Model 2006, and Chassis No. WDB2110652A125731, Colour-White

2. Nissan Ceferio Car, Registration Plate No.LEE-07-1, Chassis No.GF50-054361, Model 2003, Colour Black

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3. Honda Accord Car, Registration No.LRX-8411, Chassis No.CF3-1200586, Model 2000, Colour Silver

4. Foreign origin Used Toyota Mark-X Car, Model 2005 Chassis No.GRX120-0036739, Colour-White , FW151/Islamabad

5. Used Honda Civic Car, Model 2006, and Chassis No. FD3-1004939 Engine No. -Could not be traced, Colour-Silver.

6. Used Toyota Prius car, Model 2010 Registration No. MN-12-4040 Chassis No. ZVW30-1153342 Engine Capacity 1800cc. N/V Color, White

7. Kawasaki Heavy Bike Ch. No. JKAZXT20AAA027919 Model Year 2010, 1200 R

8. BMW Heavy Bike Ch. No. WB1021608AZPZ4634 Model Year 2010, 800 S

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9. F/o Honda Heavy Bike JH2SC6A7YM400905 Model Year 2000 1100 ST

10. F/o Honda Civic Car, 2003 Applied For Chassis No. ES1-1400549 (Subject to Lab Report)

11. F/o Honda Civic Car, 2003 REG. No. LED-12-3138, Chassis No. ESI-1401502 (Subject to Lab Report)

12. F/O Used Toyota Passo Car, Model 2010, Chassis No. KGC30-0011620, Color- Wine Red, Fake Registration No. WY-443/ISB

13. F/o Used Hino Dump Truck (10 Wheeler), Model 1995, Chssis No. FS2KKB-10504, Regn. No. TKB-017/Sibi

14. F/O Used Range Rover Model-2013, Colour-Black Chassis No. SALVA2AG3DH716417

15. F/O Used Merdes Benz Car, Model-2013, Chassis No. WDD2220572A089193, Colour-Pearl White

16. Used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Model 2003 Chassis No. VZJ121-0004619, Colour- Pearl White, LV-068/Islamabad

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17. F/O Used Honda Civic 2007, Chassis No. JHMFD16308S216139, Colour- Blue, ARU-969/Islamabad

18. Used F/O Toyota Mark X Car, Model-2010 as per seat belt Chassis No. GRX130-6037989 Colour: White Registration Plate No. AKE-250/ICT

19. F/O Used Honda Accord Car, Chassis No. FD3-1002420, Model-2006, Colour-Silver

20. Used F/o Toyota Lexus Model-2005, Registration Plate No. HG05 OXK, Chassis No. JTJHW31UX00003408

21. Used F/o Honda Accord Car, Model 2002, and Chassis No: CL7-3002790, Engine No. N/V, Color-Blue

22. F/o. used Toyota Premio Car Model: 2005 (as per seat belt), Registration Plate No. LEB-06-2466, Chassis No. AZT240-0020658

23. Used F/o Honda Civic Car, Model 2008, Chassis No. JHMFD36208S210755, Colour-Black.

24. Used F/o. Nissan bluebird car Model-2007, Registration Plate No. AWE-515/Sindh, Chassis No. G11-008118, Colour- White

25. Used F/o Toyota Passo Car, Registration No. ZA-289, Chassis No. KGC15-0026144, Engine No. N/V, Color-Black

26. Used F/o Honda Civic Car, Model-2006, Registration Plate No. MN-333/ISB, Chassis No. JHMFD46206S200254, Colour-Silver

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27. Used F/o Honda Accord Car, Model-2002, Registration Plate No. ALA-300/Sindh, Chassis No. CL7-3004017, Colour: White

28. Used Toyota Land Cruiser , Model 2004 Registration Plate No.HF-808 (ICT) Chassis No.UZJ100-0152767 Colour:White

29. F/o. used Toyota Crown Car Model: 2005 (As per seat belt) Registration Plate No. BRF-666, Chassis No. GRS182-1008300  Colour: White

30. Used Suzuki Swift Car, Model 2008 Registration No. UU-960/ICT Chassis NoZC71S-442204 clor Black

31. Used F/o Daihatsu Mira Car, Model 2012, Chassis No.LA300S-1090029, Color-Maroon, Fake Registration No. ABW-821-ICT

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32. F/o Used BMW Car, ALL-318-Sindh, Chassis No.WBAAL32090F1169071, Model 1999, Silver

33. F/o Used Toyota Prius Car, LED-7697, Chassis No.ZVW30-1005798, Model 2009, Pearl White

34. F/o Used Honda City Car, Model 2004, Chassis No.GD8-1100984

35. Used Toyota Vitz Car, Model 2007, Chassis No. SCP90-2020400