How to check active taxpayer status

How to check active taxpayer status

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has introduced a set of guidelines to facilitate taxpayers in checking their Active Taxpayer status.

The guidelines offer three convenient methods for individuals, associations of persons (AOP), and companies to verify their Active Taxpayer status, enhancing accessibility and transparency in the tax verification process.

Verification through Online Portal

The Online Portal provides a user-friendly interface for taxpayers to confirm their Active Taxpayer status. This method allows taxpayers to efficiently navigate through the verification process, ensuring a seamless experience for individuals, AOPs, and companies.

Check Active Taxpayer Status by SMS

The FBR has introduced a simplified SMS verification process, allowing individuals, AOPs, and companies to check their Active Taxpayer status through text messages. The guidelines for each category are as follows:

For Individuals:

Type “ATL (space) 13 digits Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)” and send to 9966.

For AOPs and Companies:

Type “ATL (space) 7 digits National Tax Number (NTN)” and send to 9966.

AJ&K Active Taxpayer Status Check

Taxpayers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJ&K) can verify their Active Taxpayer status using the following methods:

For Individuals:

Type “AJKATL (space) CNIC (without dashes)” and send it to 9966.

Having NTN:

Type “AJKATL (space) 11 digit NTN (without dashes)” and send it to 9966.

Check Active Taxpayer Status by Downloading ATL

Taxpayers also have the option to download the Active Taxpayer List (ATL) directly. This provides a comprehensive list of active taxpayers, including individuals, AOPs, and companies. The ATL download option ensures easy access to the latest information, contributing to a transparent and accountable tax system.

The guidelines emphasize that the AJK Active Taxpayer list aligns with the ATL (Income Tax) following an amendment in the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 through the Finance Act, 2018.

These initiatives by the FBR aim to empower taxpayers with user-friendly options for verifying their Active Taxpayer status. The integration of online portals, SMS verification, and downloadable ATLs not only simplifies the process but also promotes transparency and compliance within the tax system.

The FBR encourages taxpayers to utilize these convenient methods to check their Active Taxpayer status promptly. These efforts align with the broader objectives of fostering a taxpayer-friendly environment and ensuring that individuals, AOPs, and companies can easily navigate tax-related processes in line with regulatory requirements. The guidelines are expected to contribute to increased tax compliance and a more informed taxpayer community in Pakistan.