Income Tax Ordinance 2001: No commercial, industrial gas or electricity connection without NTN

Income Tax Ordinance 2001: No commercial, industrial gas or electricity connection without NTN

KARACHI: The National Tax Number (NTN) is mandatory for a person applying by commercial or industrial connection for electricity or natural gas.
The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) recently updated Income Tax Ordinance, 2001 which explained about taxpayer’s registration.
Section 181: Taxpayer’s registration.—

Sub-Section (1): Every taxpayer shall apply in the prescribed form and in the prescribed manner for registration.

Sub-Section (2): The Commissioner having jurisdiction over a case, where necessitated by the facts of the case, may also register a taxpayer in the prescribed manner.

Sub-Section (3): Taxpayers’ registration scheme shall be regulated through the rules to be notified by the board.

Sub-Section (4): From tax year 2015 and onwards, in case of individuals having Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) issued by the National Database and Registration Authority, CNIC shall be used as National Tax Number.

Section 181A: Active taxpayers’ list

Sub-Section (1): The Board shall have the power to institute active taxpayers’ list.

Sub-Section (2): Active taxpayers’ list shall be regulated as may be prescribed.

Section 181AA: Compulsory registration in certain cases

Sub-Section (1): Notwithstanding anything contained in any law, for the time being in force, any application for commercial or industrial connection of electricity or natural gas, shall not be processed and such connection shall not be provided unless the person applying for electricity or gas connection is registered under section 181.

Section 181B: Taxpayer card

Subject to this Ordinance, the Board may make a scheme for introduction of a tax-payer honour card for individual taxpayers, who fulfill a minimum criteria to be eligible for the benefits as contained in the scheme.

Section 181C: Displaying of National Tax Number

Every person deriving income from business chargeable to tax, who has been issued a National Tax Number, shall display his National Tax Number at a conspicuous place at every place of his business.