India Aim for Second Win Against Afghanistan in CWC23

India Aim for Second Win Against Afghanistan in CWC23

India, the host nation, is gearing up for a back-to-back victory in the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 (CWC23) as they prepare to face Afghanistan in a thrilling encounter set to take place at Delhi’s Arun Jaitley Stadium on Wednesday, October 11.

In their previous matches, both India and Afghanistan faced challenging moments during their batting innings in Dharamsala and Chennai.

India, after a shaky start at 2/3 while chasing a target of 200 against Australia, managed to overcome adversity and clinched a remarkable victory by six wickets.

On the other hand, Afghanistan, despite a promising beginning, struggled in the middle overs against Bangladesh spinners, witnessing a collapse from 112/2 to a disappointing total of 156 all out. This resulted in a six-wicket loss to the Tigers.

Both teams are eager to enhance their batting performance, but the spotlight may also turn to their spin bowlers. India and Afghanistan boast some of the most skilled spinners in international cricket, and their performance could play a pivotal role in Wednesday’s match.

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