IRS Comrades Pledge Dedication to FBR Officers’ Welfare

IRS Comrades Pledge Dedication to FBR Officers’ Welfare – The Comrades Panel of the Inland Revenue Service (IRS) Officers Group, vying in the upcoming organizational election for the 2024-26 term, has vowed to champion the welfare of Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) officers.

As the election dates, June 2 and 3, 2024, draw near, the campaign has reached a fervent climax, with the IRS Comrades fervently advocating for their cause.

In their vigorous campaign, representatives from the IRS Comrades have traversed the country, visiting tax offices to emphasize the significance of exercising the right to vote. Their goal is to galvanize support and underscore the importance of unity and proactive participation within the IRS community.

Naib Ali Pathan, the candidate for Senior Vice President, highlighted the multifaceted challenges faced by the IRS. “As a service, the IRS contends with both external and internal adversities,” he noted. “These challenges include the financial autonomy of the FBR, the welfare of our officers—particularly the younger ones navigating the initial stages of their careers—the imperative to fortify unit offices, and the battle against biased narratives from the media and political spheres.”

Pathan elaborated on the systemic issues, such as the subjective grading of IRS officers, which exacerbate these challenges. “These hurdles are formidable, but our resolve remains steadfast,” he asserted. “We stand before this esteemed assembly of IRS officers to seek your vote for our experienced team.”

The Comrades Panel, led by President Mehmood Hussain Jafferi, boasts a diverse and dedicated roster. “With Jafferi’s sagacity, the unwavering dedication of Ms. Nafeesa Satti, the steadfast commitment of Tanvir Hussain Bhatti, and the passion and resilience of Ghulam Mustafa Dogar, Sohail Anjum, and Amir Yasin, we possess the collective strength to drive meaningful improvements for the IRS fraternity,” Pathan added.

The IRS Comrades’ campaign underscores a vision of solidarity and progress. Their pledge is not merely to address the immediate concerns of the IRS officers but to lay a robust foundation for future generations. By focusing on financial independence, equitable treatment, and enhanced operational capacity, they aim to elevate the professional standards and morale within the FBR.

As the election approaches, the IRS Comrades message resonates with many who seek change and improvement. Their commitment to advocacy and reform positions them as a formidable force in the election, reflecting a deep-seated desire among IRS officers for a more supportive and empowered work environment.

The IRS Comrades Panel stands poised to make a significant impact, championing the welfare of FBR officers with vigor and dedication. Their campaign, marked by a clear vision and strong leadership, offers a beacon of hope for many within the IRS community, promising a future of enhanced support, fairness, and professional excellence.