K-Electric seeks stakeholders meeting to explain power generation

KARACHI: K-Electric, the power supply and generation utility, has requested Sindh governor for a meeting of stakeholders to discuss matters pertaining to power generation.

The power utility is under serious criticism for continuous breakdown of power in Karachi, the commercial hub of the country. The residents and business community equally suffered with unscheduled loadshedding for hours.

The power utility has its challenges and wanted to explain. In a letter to Sindh governor, the KSE has requested a meeting with all relevant stakeholders to discuss matters pertaining to power generation, its planning and matter related to financial management, the KE said in a tweet massage a few minutes ago while filing this new item at 1:22AM Saturday.

Furthermore, KE wants to present the steps taken as safety measures for the upcoming Monsoon season along with highlighting the city wide hazardous issues pertaining to power theft, illegal street light switches, and encroachment.

Work has been initiated to receive additional power from National Grid upon confirmation last month. Also, work is already in progress for the 900MW power plant for which the first unit will start generation from 2021.

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