Karachi Port Facilitates Shipping Movements on April 9, 2024

Karachi Port Facilitates Shipping Movements on April 9, 2024

Karachi, April 9, 2024 – The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has released the shipping movements for Tuesday, April 9, 2024, detailing the arrivals, departures, and expected sailings of vessels to assist stakeholders in their operations.

During the last 24 hours, ending at 0700 hours on Tuesday, several ships berthed at Karachi Port, including the Stolt Lotus Tanker, Golden Violet Tanker, IAN H Container Ship, Synergy Keelung Container Ship, Independent Spirit Container Ship, Euphoria Container Ship, and DEV Ashree Tanker. These vessels played a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of goods and commodities through Karachi’s maritime gateway.

Additionally, several ships sailed from Karachi Port during the same period, including Kumano, Mumbai, CMA CGM Mercantour, Onur G A, Clemens Schulte, and BBG Leader. The departure of these vessels marks the completion of their respective operations at the port, contributing to the efficient flow of maritime traffic.

Furthermore, the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) provided information on expected sailings and arrivals for the day. Notably, the vessel Ever Utile is expected to sail on April 9, 2024, while the Leader is anticipated to arrive on the same day carrying D/10,000 Jet Oil. Other vessels scheduled to arrive include TS Singapore, Beijing Bridge, Feng Hui Hai, XT Prosperity, and Chemroad Orchid, carrying various cargoes such as containers, general cargo, chemicals, and base oil.

Cargo handling turnover at Karachi Port during the last 24 hours amounted to a total of 150,914 Metric Tons. This included 64,608 Metric Tons of export cargo and 86,306 Metric Tons of import cargo, demonstrating the port’s significant role in facilitating both outbound and inbound trade.

A breakdown of commodity-wise handling in metric tons revealed the following:

• Containerized Cargo: 104,412 Metric Tons (50,306 Metric Tons of imports and 54,106 Metric Tons of exports)

• Bulk Cargo: 18,418 Metric Tons (Exclusively imports)

• Loose Bulk Cement: 336 Metric Tons (Exclusively exports)

• Wheat: 11,121 Metric Tons (Exclusively imports)

• Oil/Liquid Cargo: 16,627 Metric Tons (6,461 Metric Tons of imports and 10,166 Metric Tons of exports)

The diverse range of commodities handled at Karachi Port underscores its pivotal role as a key maritime hub in the region. With efficient operations, modern facilities, and strategic location, Karachi Port continues to play a vital role in facilitating trade and commerce, contributing significantly to Pakistan’s economy.

As Karachi Port remains committed to enhancing its capabilities and services, stakeholders can expect continued efficiency and reliability in maritime operations, further bolstering the nation’s connectivity and global trade relations.