KCCI Hails Decision of Industry Status to Warehouse and Logistics

KCCI Hails Decision of Industry Status to Warehouse and Logistics

The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) has warmly welcomed the government’s decision to declare warehouses and logistics as an industry. This long-awaited move has been a major demand of the business and industrial community, and its fulfillment marks a significant step towards creating a more conducive business environment.

In a statement issued on Friday, KCCI President Iftikhar Ahmed Sheikh expressed his appreciation for the government’s decision. He emphasized that the recognition of warehouses and logistics as an industry was the result of persistent efforts and numerous meetings, particularly the pivotal one in Islamabad between Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Founder Chairman Warehousing & Logistics Association Haroon Farooki. Farooki’s relentless advocacy on behalf of the business community played a crucial role in achieving this milestone.

“We are grateful to the Prime Minister for his commitment to fostering a business-friendly environment,” Sheikh stated. “The efforts made by PM Shehbaz Sharif have set Pakistan on a path to economic progress and prosperity, which is desperately needed in these times of high inflation and rising costs of doing business.”

Sheikh highlighted the critical importance of the government’s seriousness in addressing the challenges faced by the business sector. He expressed hope that other pressing issues raised by KCCI, particularly the exorbitant energy tariffs, would receive similar attention. “The unbearable energy tariffs are a major burden on businesses. We hope for relief in the form of reduced electricity and gas tariffs, which would undoubtedly promote industrialization, reduce inflation, and boost exports,” he added.

The new industry status for warehouses and logistics is expected to bring a host of benefits, including improved infrastructure, better regulation, and increased investment. This, in turn, will enhance the efficiency of supply chains, lower operational costs, and ultimately benefit the end consumers.

KCCI’s endorsement of this decision underscores its significance for the business community. The chamber has long advocated for reforms that would make Pakistan’s business environment more competitive globally. By recognizing warehouses and logistics as an industry, the government has taken a meaningful step in that direction.

President KCCI reiterated the chamber’s commitment to working closely with the government to ensure that the business community’s needs are met. “We are optimistic that with continued cooperation, we can address the remaining challenges and pave the way for sustained economic growth,” he concluded.

The decision to grant industry status to warehouses and logistics is a promising development for Pakistan’s economy, setting the stage for enhanced economic activity and growth in the sector.