Kenya Releases 1,300 Containers of Pakistani Rice

Kenya Releases 1,300 Containers of Pakistani Rice – Kenya has authorized the release of 1,300 containers of Pakistani rice that had been delayed at the Port of Mombasa. This resolution follows the proactive intervention of Pakistani Federal Minister for Commerce, Jam Kamal Khan, signaling strengthened economic ties between the two countries.

The announcement was made through a press release on Friday.

Minister Jam Kamal Khan formally communicated with Honorable Rebecca Miano, Cabinet Secretary of Kenya Ministry of Trade, Investment, and Industry, emphasizing the importance of timely handling of the rice consignment. The letter highlighted delays caused by issues in the Red Sea, which diverted the cargo, resulting in significant logistical setbacks. The intervention aimed to mitigate the substantial losses faced by Pakistani exporters due to the delay.

Minister Khan’s appeal was rooted in the longstanding trade relationship between Pakistan and Kenya. Pakistan is one of the largest buyers of Kenyan tea and a major supplier of rice to Kenya, illustrating the mutual dependence in their trade relations. Adeela, Pakistan’s High Commissioner and Trade & Investment Officer in Nairobi, played a crucial role in the resolution. She met with all relevant government stakeholders, continuously following up and insisting on immediate action in response to Pakistan’s commerce minister’s request.

Responding swiftly to the Commerce Minister’s letter, the Kenyan government issued a special gazette notice on May 31, 2024. The notice not only authorized the release of the 1,300 containers but also granted Pakistani rice zero-rated access to Kenya until November 30, 2024. This means that the rice, totaling 34,414.5 metric tons of Grade 1 white milled rice, can be imported duty-free, provided it meets Kenyan food safety standards and is accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity from the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

This resolution is expected to have a positive impact on bilateral trade, enhancing economic cooperation and fostering mutual growth. The intervention by Federal Minister Jam Kamal Khan has been widely appreciated by business communities in both countries. Ensuring that this significant rice shipment reaches Kenya consumers without further delay will help stabilize rice supplies and prices in the local market.

The swift actions taken by both governments demonstrate a commitment to resolving trade issues efficiently and maintaining strong economic ties. This development not only alleviates the immediate logistical issues but also sets a precedent for handling future trade disruptions, benefiting both nations’ economies.