KTBA organizes seminar on Zakat calculation

KTBA organizes seminar on Zakat calculation

Karachi Tax Bar Association (KTBA) is organizing a seminar on Zakat calculation on Friday, March 17, 2023.

The tax bar is organizing the seminar in association with Pakistan Tax Bar Association (PTBA) and Lahore Tax Bar Association (LTBA)

The speakers are from tax practitioners’ fraternity, who have spent 100s of hours with Muhtaram Muftian e Kiram of Main Schools of Thought.

The Panelists are:

Shameer Haroon, ACA, Head of Group Taxation & Legal Affairs, Gatron Group

Iftikhar Ahmed, ACA, Assistant Director, McDonald’s

Guests panelists are:

Mufti Uzair Bilwani, Director, Research and Development, Alhamd Shariah Advisory Services Private Limited.


Ustadh, Jamia Al Noor, Pakistan.


Dars- e- Nizami from Darululoom Azaadville (DUA), Johannesburg,

South Africa.

Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence from Jamiah Darululoom,

Karachi, Pakistan.

Dr. Mufti Muhammad Yunas Ali, (Resident Shariah Board Member and Head Shariah Compliance).

He holds a PHD degree in Islamic Banking & Finance from University of Karachi.

Shari’ah Board Member of Salaam Takaful Limited.

Author of Books and research papers in HEC approved and international journals including a Book on Elimination of Riba.

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