Launch price of locally manufactured EV scooter evee C1

Launch price of locally manufactured EV scooter evee C1

Evee C1 is the first locally made EV scooter which is manufactured by evee electronics. The scooter was launched in Pakistan on February 06, 2023.

The launch price tag of evee C1 scooter is Rs175,000. The scooter is available in three different colors including Ruby Red, Ivory White and Midnight Blue.

The scooter has a unique classic design. The front contains bright LED headlamps. The scooter is equipped with 90/90-10 tires and stylish rims that elevate the scooter’s aesthetics.

Evee C1 is 100 per cent electric scooter. It is equipped with 1200W powerful motor. It contains up to 550 charging cycles. The scooter is powered by 60V 20ah lead dry acid battery that takes six-seven hours to charge.

The scooter can run 50-60km per charge. The max speed of evee C1 is 55km/h. The load capacity of the scooter is 150kg. The scooter contains the hub magnetic coil/30.

The size of the scooter is 1860x780x1160mm. The extra features of evee C1 includes anti-theft alarm, reverse gear, 12 tube vector controller and colorful display meter.

The scooter may grow its influence in Pakistan because of the increasing fuel prices. The current petrol price is Rs249.80 per liter which is getting unaffordable for many travelers. The people will absolutely prefer to switch to electric vehicles to get relief from expenditure on fuel purchase and to play an important role in ensuring sustainable future.

Evee electronics has taken the initiative to produce the electric scooters in Pakistan by manufacturing evee-C1. The scooter has impressive features and low price tag as compared to Honda and Yamaha motorcycles.

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