MCC Appraisement East announces auction of confiscated vehicles on June 17

MCC Appraisement East announces auction of confiscated vehicles on June 17

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Appraisement East has announced public auction of confiscated vehicles on June 17, 2019 at Anti-Smuggling Organization (ASO) Office, Ghasbandar Kemari, Karachi.

Following vehicles will be presented for auction:

1. Mitsubishi Pajero Jeep (used), Reg.GS-2000, Model-1994,Chassis -V46-4034791/Engine-4M4D EXT T7UF.

2. Used Toyota Lexus Car, Reg no UC-868, Model 2006(as per seat belt), Chassis JTHBG963905034702/Engine EMH-3 GR-FE158467-3485cc.

3. Used Toyota Harrier Jeep, Reg no JAA-454, Model -1998-2999cc,Chassis no MCU-10-0013510, Engine no IMZ-FE6688090.

4. Used Honda Saloon Accord Car, Reg no-BFT-418, Model-2003, 1990cc, Chassis no-CL7-3006339, Engine No-33101802.

5. Used Mercedes Benz (AG), Reg No-AB-1001, Model-1991-02, 2999cc, Chassis no-WDB1240312B476728.

6. Used Toyota Mark-II Saloon Car, Reg No-BVL-708, Model-2000, 1800HP, Chassis no-JZX110-6000922, Engine No-1JZ-075010.

7. Used Toyota AXIO-X Car-White Colour, Reg No-BFE-068, 1496cc, Model-2007, Chassis no-NZE-141-6028039, Engine no, INZ-C0360547.

8. Used Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep-Silver Colour, Reg No-BG-1131, Model No-1989, 3400cc, Chassis No-BJ60-023765, Engine No, 3B-1098887( As Per Reg Book) Diesel.

9. Used Toyota Saloon Car XE, Model no-1999, 1500cc, Colour Red, Chassis No-AE-100-5171778, Engine-SA-FE-1500cc.

10. Used Toyota Premio Saloon Car, Reg No-BFM-306, Model No-2004, Chassis No-AZT240-0017447, Engine No- 1AZ -4802097.

11. Used Toyota Mark-X Car, Reg No- BBC-301, Model No-200used5, Chassis No-GRX-120-0042956, Engine No- 4GR-FSE-2499cc.

12. Used Toyota Crown Royal Saloon (G) Car, Reg no- BEZ-998, Model 2005, Chassis No. GRS 182-1015624, Engine no 0123426-2994cc.

13. Used Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Reg no. LEB-06-2007, Model 1996-2982cc-silver colour, Chassis No VZ95-0004948, Engine No. IKZC679955.

14. Used Toyota Premio Car, Model 2005, Reg No. AAQ-945-Qta, Chassis No ZZT-240-5041761, Engine No. 1ZZFE-2200724, 1794cc, white colour.

15. Used Toyota Surf Jeep, Model 2007, Reg no- BF-9925, Chassis No TRN210-0002425, Engine no 2TR-0341543, 2697cc, tearl white.

16. Used Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Model 2004, Reg no JAG-345, chassis no KDJ121-0001884, Engine no 1KD-1184169,2982cc.

17. Used Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep, Model-2003, Reg no BF-8255, Chassis no UZJ100-0144369, Engine no 2UZ-FE9091472, 4700cc, white.

18. Used Mercedes Benz Saloon Car, Model-2007, chassis no WDD2193222A117436, Engine no 64292040471958, 3200cc, Black.