MCC Gwadar auctions huge lot of vehicles on October 27

MCC Gwadar auctions huge lot of vehicles on October 27

KARACHI: Model Customs Collectorate of Customs (MCC), Gwadar has announced the auction of huge lot of vehicles to be held on October 27, 2021 at Custom House, Gaddani.

The collectorate is scheduled to present the following vehicles for the auction:

01. Toyota Land Cruiser, Reg No. BC-0448, Chassis No. HJ61-002060, Engine No. Nil, Model: 1986

02. Hino Bus, Reg No. BSB-808, Chassis No. AK1JRKA-16027, Engine JO8CB16832, Model:2012.

03. Coach Reg No. BSA-515 Chassis No. AK1JMKA-1415 Engine No. Nil Model: Nil

04. Toyota Land Cruiser (Red) Reg No. BA-8164 Chassis No. BJ160-009711 Engine No. Not Traceable Model: 1985

05. Indus Corolla Car Reg No. GF-1411 Chassis No. AE100-0028693 Engine No. Not Traceable Model: 1994

06. Land Cruiser Prado Reg No. Not Traceble Chassis No. LJ78-0002499 Model. 1990

07. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.BA-5186 Chassis No. HJ60-009651 Model. 1984

08. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg: JAA-889 Ch# BJ-60-020679 Model: 1988

09. Mitsubishi Pajero Reg: JAL-231 Ch# LO48G-3005856 Model: 1985

10. Land Cruiser Reg: QAB-1649 Ch# HJ61-013994 Model:1989

11. Toyota Jeep Land Cruiser Reg: AFR-2015 Ch: FJ40-371932 Model: 1989

12. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg: Nil Ch:# LJ78-0039971 Eng:# ZL-33868 Model: 1993

13. Honda Civic Car Reg: Nil Ch:# ESI-1600827 Eng:#D1610173-004871 Model: 2002

14. BMW Reg: Nil Ch:# WBAGL62090DJ92594  Eng:#CC-300 Model: 2002

15. Toyota Surf Reg: Nil Ch:# KZN130-9032504 Eng:#Not Traceable Model: 1993

16. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No. LSA-3469 Chassis No.FJ55-88824 Engine No. Nil Model: 1992

17. Hino Bus Reg No. CH-14538 Chassis No. AK8JRKA-14538 Engine No. Nil Model: 2016

18. Hino Bus Reg No. BSA-554 Chassis No. AK1JRKA-11056 Engine No. Nil Model: Nil

19. Hino Bus Reg No. JB-3335 Chassis No. AK8JRKA-15635 Model: 2012

20. Hino Bus Reg No. BSA-327 Chassis No. AK17X-41808 Engine No. Model: 1992

21. Hino Bus Reg No. BSA-571 Chassis No. AK-I-JRKA-16707 Engine No. Nil Model: 2011

22. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No. QBA-3037 Chassis No. FZ180-016013 Model Nil

23. Nissan Sunny Car Reg No. Nill Chassis No. JN1BDAB14Z0336115 Engine No. GMI-6080565 Model: Nill

24. Honda Accord Reg No. AVP-786 Chassis No. CL7-3003313 Engine No. N/A Model: Nill

25. Toyota Altis Car Reg No. AZR-182 Chassis No. ZZE142-7403917 Engine No. N/T Model: N/T

26. Mitsubmishi Pejero Reg No.KB-1782 Chassis No. CL048VFY100117 Engine No. N/T Model: N/T

27. Mitsubishi Pejero Reg No.Nill Chassis No. V45-4401374 Engine No. 2L2678454 Model: 1998

28. Mitsubishi Pejero Reg No.JAB-248 Chassis No. LJ78-00151955 Engine No. -TE Model: Nill

29. Mitsubishi Pejero (03 Door) Reg No.LSC-5465 Chassis No. V24-7700536 Engine No. 4D56-T7UF Model: Nill

30. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.BD-4472 Chassis No. FZJ80-0022240 Engine No. N/T Model:1992

31. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.BF-7385 Chassis No. HZJ80-0011965 Engine No. N/T Model:Nill

32. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.Nill Chassis No. LENFN28FX95300066 Engine No. 312684 Model:Nill

33. Toyota Land Cruiser Prado Reg No.JAF-883 Chassis No. IZJ78-0027017 Engine No.1KZIT Model:1996

34. Toyota Hilux Pickup Reg No.WAE-893 Chassis No. RN43-008601 Engine No.Nill Model:Nill

35. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.JAA-038 Chassis No. HJ61-006515 Engine No.1158881 Model:1987

36. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.JAA-195 Chassis No. LJ71-0003920 Engine No.2L-1651949 Model:Nill

37. Pejero Reg No.JAA-983 Chassis No. CL0048VGJ400698 Engine No.Nill Model:Nill

38. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.JAC-265 Chassis No. KZJ78-0001358 Engine No.1KZ-TE-0005609 Model:NIll

39. Toyota Land Cruiser Reg No.JAD-117 Chassis No. FZ-J80-0163691 Engine No.Nill Model:Nill

40. Hino Mazda Truck Reg No. JW-1236 Chassis No. AK176KA-43256 Engine No. 12181 Model: 1992

41. Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No. AVK-555 Chassis No. GRX121-3002167 Engine No. 3GR-00666157 Model: 2007

42. Toyota Prius Car Reg No. AYH-634 Chassis No. NHW20-0008279 Engine No. A.311091 Model: 2004

43. Toyota Mark-X Car Reg No.AFR-2020 Chassis No. GRX121-1002780 Engine No. 3GR-FSE Model: 2004

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