Customs auctions confiscated vehicles on May 11, 2022

Customs auctions confiscated vehicles on May 11, 2022

MULTAN: Directorate of Customs Intelligence and Investigation, Multan has announced auction of confiscated vehicles to be held on May 11, 2022 at Customs Dry Port, near Sher Shah Bypass, Multan.

The announced auction of following vehicles:

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01. Hino Truck HTV, Model 1994, registration no. SBA-775, Chassis No. FF176-18107 (manually punched).

02. Hummer H3 Jeep, Model 2003, registration no. LEE-7444, Chassis No. 5GTDN136768328080.

03. Suzuki Alto Car, Model 2001, registration no. ANR-771 / Sindh, Chassis No. HA12S-610374.

04. Toyota Prius Car, Model 2009, registration no. ZY-442/ISB, Chassis No. ZVW30-1012665.

05. Toyota Mira Car, Model 2009, registration no. AYD-761/Sindh, Chassis No. L275S-0006309.

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06. Suzuki Swift Car, Model 2009, registration no. BCU-338/Sindh, Chassis No. ZC71S-477228.

07. Honda Civic Car, Model N/A, registration no. NF-004 / Islamabad, Chassis No. JHMFD46208S202263.

08. Honda Insight Car, Model 2010, registration no. zZ-998 / ICT, Chassis No. ZE2-1201090

09. Suzuki Swift Car, Model 2011, registration no. RE-527/ICT, Chassis No. JSAFZC82S00107384.

10. Toyota Vitz Car, Model 2008, registration no. VC-294. Chassis No. SCP90-5097652.

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11. Toyota Corolla Car, Model 2002, registration no. AJX-030/Sindh, Chassis No. NZE121-3201700.

12. Toyota Aqua Hybrid Car, Model 2014, registration no. LEB-17-2328, Chassis No. NHP10-2378804.

13. Toyota Vitz Car, Model 2007, registration no. ADY-910/ICT, Chassis No. SCP90-0036782.

14. Toyota Fielder Car, Model 2004, registration no. VE-112, Chassis No. NZE121-0307673.

15. Toyota Hilux Surf, Model 1994, registration no. WAG-496/Quetta, Chassis No. LN130-7024272.

The directorate said the vehicles may be inspected before two days of the auction date.

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