MCC Peshawar announces public auction of confiscated mobile phones

MCC Peshawar announces public auction of confiscated mobile phones

ISLAMABAD: Model Customs Collectorate (MCC) Peshawar has announced public auction of confiscated mobile phones to be held on February 20, 2019.

Following are the confiscated mobiles phones to be presented for auction:

01. F/o SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE 2 DUOS =22-Nos & SAMSUNG GALAXY J1 =33-Nos Total 55-Nos.

02. F/o SAMSUNG GALAXY J1 =23-Nos & SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE 2 DUOS =30-Nos Total 53-Nos.

03. F/o Q 3310 Mini Mobile Phones =1987-Nos.

04. F/o Q Mobile D4 Phone =08-Nos.

05. F/o SAMSUNG MOBILE PHONE (J56SM-J510-F/DS) =45-Nos

06. F/o Voice Mobile Phone V-105 =580-Nos, V-840 60-Nos & V-2426 160-Nos Total =800-Nos.

07. F/o NOKIA (107) Mobile Phone =02-Nos, G Five (Model 1226)=01-No & Q Mobile (H50) =01-No Total 04-Nos.

08. F/o Q MOBILE (L9) Phone (L9) =174-Nos

09. F/o Q MOBILE Phone (L7) =14-Nos.

10. F/o Q MOBILE Phone XL3000 =01-No & Q Mbile E2000 PARTY=05-Nos Total 06-Nos.

11. F/o Gamma M2 Mobile Phone =501-Nos. (Stay)

12. F/o Nokia 1134 Mobile Phones =119-Nos, 1110 116-Nos, 1035 80-Nos, 944 45-Nos, 1136 62-Nos & 1133 59-Nos Total =481-Nos.

13. F/o Nokia 1035 =40-Nos & Nokia 944 =38-Nos Total =78-Nos.

14. F/o Samsung Galaxy Alpha Mobile Phones =04-Nos & IPhone GSM=01-No Total =05-Nos.

15. F/o Q Mobile K-180 =05-Nos.

16. F/o Samsung G570F =18-Nos, Samsung G610F 01-No, Samsung G313 01-No Motorolla XT1030 01-No & HTC X200 01-No Total =22-Nos.

17. F/o Samsung Galaxy Alpha SM-G580 F Mobile Phones =02-Nos

18. F/o Q Mobile J5 =1450-Nos & Q Mobile LT700 PRO =536 Nos Total=1986-Nos.

19. F/o Samsung Galaxy Core 2 Duos SM-G355H =112-Nos, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 01-No, Samsung Iphone =01 No, Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 02-Nos & Tab 4 01-No Total =117-Nos.

20. F/o Q Mobile Commando 1 =99-Nos.

21. F/o Nokia 130 (Dual Sim) =15-Nos, Nokia 3310 05-Nos Samsung Galaxy C5 02-Nos & Q Mobile L9 02-Nos Total =24-Nos.

22. F/o Samsung Galaxy J5 23-Nos Galaxy J2 25-Nos & Samsung A3 (6) 16-Nos Total =64-Nos.

23. F/o Nokia N1 616 Mobile Phone =01-No, Nokia N106 21-Nos, Nokia N1280 01-No & Nokia N1202 03-Nos Total =26-Nos.

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