Mercedes-Maybach introduces Night Series: Bold, Progressive Design Package

Mercedes-Maybach introduces Night Series: Bold, Progressive Design Package

Mercedes-Maybach, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, has launched the Night Series, a groundbreaking design package that pushes the boundaries of automotive aesthetics. With its dark chrome accents, mesmerizing surfaces, and exquisite interiors, the Night Series is poised to captivate both existing and new audiences, defying conventional norms and igniting a sense of rebellious desire.

This new collection embraces progressive design elements in three Mercedes-Maybach models: the EQS SUV, the S-Class, and the GLS.

The Night Series package introduces striking design elements across the three Mercedes-Maybach models. Each vehicle features dark chrome elements, rose gold accents, and a distinctive wheel design refined with a dark-glossy Maybach pattern. The interior showcases herringbone decor, emphasizing attention to detail. Here’s a closer look at each model:

Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV:

Fresh from its world premiere in China, the EQS SUV, the first electric Mercedes-Maybach, can now be ordered in the Night Series version. Notable exterior features include Maybach emblem-adorned headlights in rose gold and dark chrome refinements. The front grille panel features darkened Maybach pinstripes, while the air intake inserts in the front bumper showcase a dark chrome-plated Maybach emblem pattern.

The EQS SUV is available in paint finishes such as obsidian black, MANUFAKTUR diamond white bright, and an exclusive two-tone paint finish in obsidian black/Mojave silver. Sustainability is also a focus, with the interior carpeted with Econyl and vegetable-tanned leather options in crystal white or black and black pearl color combinations.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class:

The Night Series version of the S-Class elevates luxury and sportiness to new heights. This model boasts various paint finishes, including shades of grey, black, and white, along with an exclusive two-tone paint finish in onyx black/Mojave silver. Precious details such as rose gold headlights and dark metallic chrome elements enhance the elegant and elongated silhouette.

Two interior variants are available: black with Black Pearl nappa leather or MANUFAKTUR deep white/black. The black/Black Pearl nappa leather option features a noble mother-of-pearl effect, accentuated by golden-grey glossy piping.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS:

The GLS Night Series features a complete front with elegant dark chrome elements, including an upright Mercedes star on the hood, radiator grille, trim parts, and Maybach pattern in the side air intake. The headlights display subtle rose gold details, and the side view showcases several noble dark chrome accents. The GLS is equipped with a 23-inch exclusive wheel design styled with high-quality inserts, including a Maybach pattern.

The Night Series package offers a choice of paint finishes, including a white tone, obsidian black, and an exclusive obsidian black/Mojave silver two-tone finish. The interior options include black combined with Black Pearl nappa leather or crystal white combined with Black Pearl accents. The herringbone decor and silver pilasters in an open-pored brown finish add a touch of sophistication.

The Night Series package will be available for purchase soon for the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, followed by the Mercedes-Maybach EQS SUV upon its market introduction. The Mercedes-Maybach GLS will also offer the Night Series package in early 2024. In addition, MAYBACH Icons of Luxury, a partner company, will soon unveil a collection inspired by the Night Series, featuring exclusive bags, sneakers, and eyewear.

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