Nothing Phone (3) Delayed Until 2025, CEO Carl Pei Announces

Nothing Phone (3) Delayed Until 2025, CEO Carl Pei Announces

Carl Pei, founder and CEO of Nothing, has officially announced that the Nothing Phone (3) will not be launching until 2025.

This delay breaks from the typical annual refresh cycle seen in the high-end smartphone market. The lack of recent leaks and rumors about the Phone (3) hinted at this postponement, which Pei confirmed today.

The reason behind this significant delay is Nothing’s ambitious plan to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) at a fundamental level within the user interface. Pei stated that the company aims to “redefine the user interface to enable a highly personalized and dynamic user experience as AI is integrated at a system level across smartphones.”

Instead of launching a new phone soon and showcasing AI features, Nothing is taking additional time to perfect these innovations.

Pei’s announcement video further elaborates on the company‚Äôs vision of a “post-app world,” a term he mentioned multiple times. Despite initially critiquing competitors for overhyping AI, Pei’s emphasis on this concept suggests Nothing’s commitment to pioneering new ways AI can enhance smartphone usage. The company aims to transition from the current app-centric model to a more integrated and seamless AI-driven user experience.

This announcement marks Nothing’s entry into the consumer AI race, positioning itself as a forward-thinking player in the industry. Speculations arise whether the delay might be due to underwhelming sales of the Nothing Phone (2). However, Pei did not address these concerns directly.

By taking an extra year to develop the Phone (3), Nothing hopes to introduce groundbreaking UI innovations that effectively bridge today’s app-based systems with future AI advancements. If successful, the Nothing Phone (3) could make a significant impact upon its release next year.

Until then, enthusiasts and skeptics alike will have to wait and see how Nothing’s AI-driven vision unfolds.