One-on-one meeting between Imran Khan, Saudi Prince

One-on-one meeting between Imran Khan, Saudi Prince

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan engaged in a significant one-on-one meeting with Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman at the Prime Minister House on Sunday, laying the groundwork for the inaugural session of the Supreme Coordination Council.

This high-powered council, proposed by Prince Mohammad Bin Salman during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to Saudi Arabia in October 2018, aims to streamline decision-making in key areas of bilateral cooperation and closely monitor their implementation.

The Supreme Coordination Council comprises a select group of ministers from both countries, covering a range of vital sectors. Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Defense Production, Finance, Energy, Petroleum, Water Resources, Information, Culture, Interior, Commerce, Trade and Investment, and Human Resources from Saudi Arabia and Pakistan will be part of the council, reflecting its comprehensive and strategic approach.

The overarching objective of the Supreme Coordination Council is to strengthen bilateral ties under three pillars: political and security, economic, and social and cultural. By establishing a high-level institutional mechanism, both nations seek to expedite decision-making processes and ensure effective implementation of collaborative projects.

To facilitate the specific focus areas of cooperation, the Supreme Coordination Council has established a Steering Committee and Joint Working Groups at both Ministerial and Senior Officials levels. These groups will be tasked with developing frameworks of cooperation for specific projects and presenting recommendations to the respective ministers for approval.

The coordination and functioning of the Supreme Coordination Council will be overseen by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, ensuring seamless communication and collaboration. The annual meetings of the Supreme Council will alternate between Riyadh and Islamabad, symbolizing a commitment to sustained engagement and cooperation between the two nations.

This initiative marks a significant step forward in cementing the diplomatic and economic relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. By creating a dedicated platform for high-level discussions and cooperation, the Supreme Coordination Council is poised to become a key driver in advancing shared interests and addressing mutual challenges.

The establishment of such a council underscores the commitment of both leaders to fostering a strong and enduring partnership. As the Supreme Coordination Council begins its work, the expectation is that it will not only deepen existing collaborations but also pave the way for new avenues of cooperation, contributing to the prosperity and development of both Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. The outcomes of this initiative are anticipated to have far-reaching implications for the geopolitical landscape of the region.