Pakistan assures extending tax incentives to Qatari businessmen

Pakistan assures extending tax incentives to Qatari businessmen

Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to provide tax incentives and collaborative support to Qatari businessmen looking to invest in the country.

The assurance came during a meeting between the Ambassador of Qatar to Pakistan, Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdul Rahman Bin Faisal Al-Thani, and Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), Asim Ahmad, held at the FBR Headquarters in Islamabad.

The discussions during the meeting revolved around matters of mutual concern, emphasizing cooperation in customs, trade facilitation, and taxation. Chairman Asim Ahmad assured the Qatari Ambassador that Pakistan is dedicated to providing maximum facilitation to Qatari businessmen seeking investment opportunities in the country.

Highlighting the significance of Qatar’s cooperation, Chairman FBR expressed gratitude for the support and collaboration extended by Qatar, particularly in sectors crucial to the nation’s development, such as education and health.

The meeting resulted in an agreement to strengthen cooperation between relevant departments of both countries in the areas of customs and taxation. The objective is to leverage and benefit from each other’s best practices, fostering an environment that encourages and supports bilateral trade between the two brotherly nations.

Chairman FBR took the opportunity to brief the Qatari Ambassador on recent policy and administrative measures implemented by the FBR. These measures aim to enhance revenue mobilization and provide increased facilitation to taxpayers in Pakistan.

In response, the Qatari Ambassador commended the performance of FBR over the past year and during the initial two months of the current financial year. The acknowledgment reflects the positive strides and efforts made by FBR in revenue mobilization and taxpayer facilitation.

The commitment to extending tax incentives and collaborative support underscores Pakistan’s efforts to create an attractive investment climate for international businesses, particularly from friendly nations like Qatar. By providing a conducive environment for foreign investors, Pakistan aims to boost economic growth, create job opportunities, and foster stronger ties with its global partners.

The meeting between the Qatari Ambassador and Chairman FBR serves as a testament to the ongoing diplomatic and economic relations between Pakistan and Qatar. As both nations explore avenues for enhanced cooperation, the assurance of continued support for Qatari businessmen aligns with the broader goal of promoting mutual economic prosperity and partnership.