Pakistan Cracks Down on Hawala and Hundi Operators, Arrests 59 Individuals

Pakistan Cracks Down on Hawala and Hundi Operators, Arrests 59 Individuals

Karachi, September 10, 2023 – Pakistan has taken decisive action against individuals engaged in illegal currency operations, arresting approximately 59 people involved in the clandestine world of hawala and hundi. The arrests were announced by Caretaker Interior Minister Sarfaraz Ahmed Bugti during a press conference held on Sunday.

Minister Bugti emphasized the government’s commitment to cracking down on illegal activities such as smuggling and hoarding, declaring a policy of zero tolerance. He was joined at the press conference by Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi, where they outlined the government’s strategy to combat these illicit activities.

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Bugti stated, “All state institutions and provincial authorities are committed to go to any extent to eradicate the menaces of smuggling and hoarding from the face of the motherland.”

The Interior Minister further disclosed that ongoing operations against smuggling included essential commodities such as wheat, sugar, urea, and dollars, resulting in the recovery of significant quantities of sugar and urea from various parts of the country.

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He highlighted the arrest of 59 individuals engaged in the illegal currency business of hawala and hundi. Bugti noted the concerning shift in tactics, with smugglers turning to hoarding various goods. Nevertheless, he made it unequivocal that no one involved in these illegal activities would escape justice, and the state machinery is fully committed to curbing smuggling and hoarding.

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In a bid to involve the public in combating these illicit practices, Sarfaraz Bugti announced cash rewards for Pakistani citizens who assist government authorities in identifying smuggling networks. He also indicated that action would be taken against illegal immigrants within the country, with reward programs forthcoming for information leading to their identification.

Responding to inquiries regarding terrorist attacks originating from Afghanistan, Minister Bugti urged the Afghan government to adhere to the Doha Agreement, which prohibits the use of Afghan soil against any country. He assured the public that Pakistan would defend every inch of its territory against external threats.

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These arrests and the government’s renewed commitment to eradicating illegal activities signal a proactive effort to maintain law and order and safeguard economic stability within Pakistan. Public cooperation and vigilance are expected to play a crucial role in achieving these objectives.

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