PIA Offers Student Discount on Travel from China to Pakistan

PIA Offers Student Discount on Travel from China to Pakistan

Beijing, May 23, 2024 — In a welcome move for Pakistani students in China, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has announced a 20 percent discount on fares for travel from China to Pakistan.

This initiative, aimed at easing the financial burden on students, comes alongside an increase in baggage allowance up to 60 kilograms. An official from PIA confirmed this to the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) on Thursday.

Currently, PIA operates a weekly flight on the Islamabad-Beijing-Islamabad route every Sunday. This discount is timely, particularly for students planning to return to Pakistan for the summer holidays or those who have completed their educational programs and are preparing to return home.

Ali Imran, a Pakistani researcher based in China, commented on the positive impact of this discount. “A large number of Pakistani students are studying in various cities across China. The discount offered by PIA will greatly facilitate them by reducing travel costs and allowing for more baggage,” he said.

The move is seen as a strategic effort by PIA to support the Pakistani student community abroad. With the significant number of Pakistani students enrolled in Chinese universities, the discount and increased baggage allowance are likely to be well-received. The additional baggage allowance is particularly beneficial for students who often accumulate extra belongings during their stay abroad.

Pakistani students in China expressed their gratitude for the initiative, highlighting the financial relief it provides. “Traveling back home can be expensive, especially when you have accumulated books and other personal items over the years,” said Ayesha Malik, a student in Beijing. “The increased baggage allowance means I don’t have to leave anything important behind.”

PIA’s initiative is part of broader efforts to enhance its services and support for the Pakistani diaspora. By offering these benefits, the airline is not only facilitating easier travel for students but also strengthening ties with the Pakistani community in China. This move is expected to encourage more students to choose PIA for their travel needs, boosting the airline’s customer base.

The weekly flight schedule remains unchanged, with departures every Sunday. Students planning to take advantage of the discount are advised to book their tickets early, given the high demand expected during the summer break.

In conclusion, PIA’s 20 percent discount and increased baggage allowance for Pakistani students traveling from China to Pakistan is a commendable step. It not only provides financial relief but also ensures that students can travel comfortably with their belongings. This initiative underscores PIA’s commitment to supporting the Pakistani community abroad and enhancing its service offerings.