PM Shehbaz Calls for Local Manufacturing of Vehicles

PM Shehbaz Calls for Local Manufacturing of Vehicles – Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Friday called on the automobile industry to initiate local manufacturing of vehicles and to export a significant portion of their products, contributing to national development and economic growth.

Speaking to a delegation of automobile and auto parts manufacturers, Prime Minister Shehbaz emphasized the importance of the Auto Sector Deletion Policy, urging the industry to become integrated into the global value chain. He stressed that the current government is committed to enhancing the country’s exports and that the automobile sector has a pivotal role to play in this endeavor.

“The automobile industry must focus on local manufacturing and aim for substantial exports. This will not only boost our economy but also position Pakistan as a key player in the global market,” said Prime Minister Shehbaz.

The delegation, which included Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Pakistan, Ali Jamali, and representative of the auto parts industry, Amir Allahwala, highlighted the challenges facing the auto industry. They expressed their appreciation for the government’s pro-business and investment-friendly policies, acknowledging the efforts made to create a conducive environment for industry growth.

The meeting was attended by Federal Ministers Rana Tanveer Hussain and Jam Kamal Khan, PM’s Coordinator Rana Ehsan Afzal, Chairman of the Federal Board of Revenue, and other senior officials. The prime minister assured the delegation of the government’s support in addressing their concerns and facilitating the industry’s growth.

“We are dedicated to supporting the automobile sector and addressing the issues it faces. The government’s pro-business policies are designed to attract investment and promote industrial growth,” Prime Minister Shehbaz added.

The automobile sector is seen as a key driver for Pakistan’s economic progress, with potential for job creation, technology transfer, and increased foreign exchange earnings through exports. By implementing the Auto Sector Deletion Policy, the industry can reduce dependency on imports, foster local innovation, and enhance competitiveness on a global scale.

In conclusion, Prime Minister Shehbaz’s call for local manufacturing and increased exports highlights the government’s strategic focus on developing a self-reliant and export-oriented automobile industry. This move is expected to strengthen the economy and integrate Pakistan into the global automotive supply chain.