Port Qasim Authority praised for successful handling LNG ships

Port Qasim Authority praised for successful handling LNG ships

Islamabad – Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Syed Ali Haider Zaidi, commended the Port Qasim Authority on Tuesday for its strategic management in handling the docking of LNG ships at berths. Zaidi emphasized that this proactive approach has played a crucial role in mitigating the impending gas crisis.

In a statement issued, the Federal Minister highlighted the significance of the decisions made during the docking process, stating, “It’s the Captain of the Ship’s call to come inside the Navigation channel. Yesterday, the Captain was pursued, but he refused to bring the vessel inside.”

The Port Qasim Authority demonstrated its strategic acumen by orchestrating the docking operation for the second LNG vessel, which arrived late at night. The vessel was allowed to sail onto the Navigational Channel at dawn, strategically positioning it for entry later in the day. This well-timed approach not only ensured efficient utilization of resources but also prevented unnecessary delays.

The Minister further explained that the decision to let the LNG vessel wait until noon was a calculated move, ensuring optimal conditions for navigation and berthing. This approach reflects the Port Qasim Authority’s commitment to effective logistical operations and crisis management.

The strategic handling of LNG ships is particularly significant in the context of the country’s energy needs. The impending gas crisis had raised concerns about potential disruptions to the energy supply chain. The Port Qasim Authority’s proactive measures, as appreciated by Minister Zaidi, have played a pivotal role in averting a potential crisis and maintaining a steady supply of liquefied natural gas.

Zaidi also acknowledged the collaborative effort involved in managing the docking process, emphasizing the importance of effective communication and coordination among all stakeholders. Such synergy, he noted, is vital for the smooth functioning of maritime operations, especially when dealing with critical resources like LNG.

The Federal Minister’s praise for the Port Qasim Authority underlines the government’s commitment to ensuring energy security and the efficient functioning of maritime infrastructure. As Pakistan continues to grapple with the challenges of meeting its growing energy demands, strategic initiatives in the maritime sector become increasingly crucial for sustainable development.

The strategic handling of LNG ships at Port Qasim stands as a testament to the effective governance and crisis management capabilities of the maritime authorities. Minister Zaidi’s appreciation highlights the importance of proactive measures in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of essential resources and reinforces the commitment to bolstering the nation’s energy security.