Port Qasim launches night navigation system

Port Qasim launches night navigation system

KARACHI: Pakistan has inaugurated the night navigation system for large vessels at Port Qasim, marking a significant milestone in the country’s maritime history.

The implementation of this system is a major accomplishment realized within a span of just five months by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs.

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi, expressed gratitude to both the team and divine forces for making this technological advancement possible. The introduction of night navigation at Port Qasim is a departure from the conventional practice of docking ships during daylight hours.

“I am thankful to God and my team that has made it possible,” stated Minister Zaidi, acknowledging the collective effort that contributed to the successful launch of the night navigation system.

Previously, ships at Port Qasim were limited to docking during daylight hours, but with the introduction of night navigation, the port can now facilitate vessel operations 24/7. This development not only enhances the operational capacity of the port but also holds the potential to significantly boost economic activities, translating into millions of dollars in benefits for Pakistan.

Minister Ali Haider Zaidi underscored the transformative impact of hard work, honesty, and smart strategies, citing this achievement as evidence that revolutionary changes are attainable even within a relatively short timeframe.

The night navigation system is expected to bring about several advantages, including increased efficiency, reduced waiting times for vessels, and improved overall port operations. It aligns with global best practices in maritime logistics and enhances Port Qasim’s competitiveness on the international stage.

As Pakistan continues to focus on enhancing its maritime infrastructure and capabilities, the successful implementation of the night navigation system at Port Qasim reflects the government’s commitment to modernize and optimize the country’s ports, fostering economic growth and development in the process. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs is likely to build on this achievement as it works towards further advancements in the maritime sector.