Port Qasim Maintains Steady Activity with Arrival of New Vessels

Port Qasim Maintains Steady Activity with Arrival of New Vessels

PkRevenue.com – The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) released its daily shipping activity report today, providing valuable information for stakeholders involved in port operations. The report details vessel movements between June 3rd and June 4th, 2024.

Four new ships arrived at the bustling port:

• MSC Positano: Carrying containers, the MSC Positano docked at the Container Terminal.

• MSC Surabaya-VIII: Another container vessel, the MSC Surabaya-VIII, also berthed at the Container Terminal but has since departed this morning.

• Au-Taurus: Loaded with palm oil, the Au-Taurus arrived at the Liquid Terminal.

• Al-Marrouna: Transporting liquefied natural gas (LNG), the Al-Marrouna docked at the Port Gas Terminal.

The outer anchorage also saw an increase in activity with the arrival of three additional vessels:

• Uog Harriet-G: This ship carries MOGAS, a type of gasoline.

• Clyde: Transporting gas oil, the Clyde is expected to berth at the FOTCO terminal later today.

• Chem Leona: Carrying chemicals, the Chem Leona is scheduled to dock at the EVTL terminal today.

The report highlights the continuous operations at Port Qasim, with a total of nine ships handled at the berths within the last 24 hours. Three of these vessels, the MSC Surabaya-VIII, Shalamar, and TRF Kobe, have already departed this morning. Additionally, a grain carrier named Intuition is also set to sail later today.

Cargo movement remained robust, with a total volume exceeding 125,819 tonnes. This figure breaks down into 91,176 tonnes of imports and 34,643 tonnes of exports. Notably, a significant portion of this cargo was containerized, with a total of 2,962 containers processed. These containers included 1,739 TEUs (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) for imports and 1,223 TEUs for exports.

Looking ahead, the outer anchorage currently holds six ships waiting to berth. Two of these, the Clyde and Chem Leona, are expected to be accommodated at the FOTCO and EVTL terminals respectively later today. Additionally, the Lima (carrying coal) and Maersk Hartford (containers) are scheduled to arrive at the PIBT and QICT terminals today. Finally, another container ship, the Maersk Capetown, is slated to reach Port Qasim on Wednesday.

The Port Qasim daily report provides valuable insights into the continuous activity at Port Qasim, a critical hub for Pakistan’s maritime trade.