Port Qasim Releases Shipping Activity Report for May 20, 2024

Port Qasim Releases Shipping Activity Report for May 20, 2024

Karachi, May 20, 2024 – The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) has released its shipping activity report for Monday, May 20, 2024, detailing the movements and operations of vessels to facilitate stakeholders and enhance operational transparency.

On Sunday, three ships, Tucapel, Maersk Durban, and OM, berthed at the Container Terminal and Engro Terminal, respectively, carrying containers and LPG. Additionally, the container ship MSC Mumbai-VIII arrived at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim on Monday morning.

Over the last 24 hours, a total of ten ships were actively engaged at Port Qasim berths. Of these, two ships, Tucapel and Pan Ivy, departed the port on Monday morning. Meanwhile, four more ships—Maersk Durban, Rigel, Hafnia Excel, and OM—are scheduled to sail later in the day.

Port Qasim handled a cargo volume of 144,554 tonnes during the last 24 hours. This comprised 126,123 tonnes of import cargo and 18,431 tonnes of export cargo, carried in 4,099 containers (3,202 TEUs imports and 897 TEUs exports).

Currently, there are ten ships anchored at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim. Among these, five ships—MSC Mumbai-VIII, OBE Queen, Tethis-7, Advantage Paradise, and Bulk Jamaica—along with another vessel, Chemroad Zenith, carrying containers, fertilizer, palm oil, gas oil, coal, and chemicals, are expected to berth at QICT, FAP, LCT, FOTCO, PIBT, and EVTL, respectively, on Monday.

Moreover, three more container ships—Conti Courage, Maersk Nyassa, and Hope Island—are due to arrive at Port Qasim on Tuesday, adding to the port’s busy schedule and continuous flow of maritime traffic.

The Port Qasim Authority emphasizes its commitment to maintaining efficient operations and minimizing delays. The detailed reporting and timely updates aim to provide clarity and assist logistics and shipping companies in planning their activities effectively.

Ship Movements at Port Qasim on May 20, 2024:

• Arrivals: MSC Mumbai-VIII (Containers), OBE Queen (Fertilizer), Tethis-7 (Palm Oil), Advantage Paradise (Gas Oil), Bulk Jamaica (Coal), Chemroad Zenith (Chemicals).

• Departures: Tucapel, Pan Ivy.

• Expected Departures: Maersk Durban, Rigel, Hafnia Excel, OM.

Cargo Volume Handled:

• Imports: 126,123 tonnes.

• Exports: 18,431 tonnes.

• Containers: 4,099 (3,202 TEUs Imports, 897 TEUs Exports).

Expected Arrivals on May 21, 2024:

• Conti Courage, Maersk Nyassa, Hope Island (Containers).

Port Qasim continues to play a vital role in Pakistan’s trade and logistics sector, handling significant volumes of cargo and facilitating the movement of goods to and from the country. The PQA’s updates are crucial for stakeholders to manage their operations efficiently, ensuring a smooth flow of maritime commerce.