President Alvi calls for increasing tax-to-GDP ratio

President Alvi calls for increasing tax-to-GDP ratio

Lahore: President Dr. Arif Alvi emphasized the imperative for Pakistan to bolster its tax collection mechanisms and elevate the tax-to-GDP ratio as a strategic approach to address persistent financial challenges.

The President made these remarks during an awareness seminar focused on delineating the role of the Federal Tax Ombudsman, held in Lahore.

Highlighting the significance of facilitating taxpayers, President Alvi underscored the need for swift and cost-effective justice to be extended to aggrieved taxpayers who encounter maladministration by tax officials. He advocated for a people-friendly approach and an open-door policy from tax officials, believing that such measures would incentivize more individuals to willingly participate in the tax network.

Addressing the business community, the President urged voluntary compliance with the tax regime. He stressed the importance of adopting the latest Information Technology (IT) tools to streamline the registration process and efficiently resolve complaints from taxpayers.

President Alvi’s advocacy for tax reforms aligns with broader efforts by the government to strengthen the country’s fiscal position. Enhancing tax collection and improving the tax-to-GDP ratio are crucial components of economic sustainability, providing the necessary resources for developmental projects and addressing budgetary deficits.

The President’s call for a people-friendly attitude among tax officials reflects a commitment to fostering a positive environment for taxpayers, encouraging compliance, and reducing the burden of maladministration-related issues. Swift and effective dispute resolution mechanisms contribute not only to taxpayer satisfaction but also to building trust in the tax system.

President Alvi’s recommendation to utilize the latest IT tools underscores the importance of technology in modernizing tax administration. Leveraging IT solutions can enhance efficiency, reduce bureaucratic hurdles, and provide a transparent and accessible platform for taxpayers to interact with the tax authorities.

President Arif Alvi’s address at the seminar highlights the government’s commitment to tax reforms and the importance of a collaborative effort between tax officials, taxpayers, and the business community. By creating an environment that encourages voluntary compliance, adopts modern technology, and ensures timely dispute resolution, Pakistan can strengthen its fiscal foundations and pave the way for sustainable economic growth.