Preventive officer awarded dismissal from service for misconduct

Preventive officer awarded dismissal from service for misconduct

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has awarded major penalty of ‘dismissal from service’ upon Hassan Ashraf, preventive officer, posted at Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive, Karachi on the charges of misconduct.

In a notification issued on Thursday the FBR said that Hassan Ashraf was appointed as Preventive Officer (BS-16) in the Model Customs Collectorate of Preventive, Karachi and he joined his duties in the Collectorate on March 07, 2018.

According to terms and conditions of his appointment he was deputed for mandatory physical training scheduled from March 24, 2018 at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Elite Police Training Centre, Razzakabad, Karachi.

However, he did not join the training and thereafter he is continuously absent from duty.

The above omissions / commission on part of the accused officer is tantamount to “misconduct” under rule 3(b) of the Government Servants (E&D) Rules, 1973.

Several notices/Memo/Letters were issued to him to explain the reason of his un-authorized absence from mandatory training and duty but he did not respond at all.

Therefore, the Collector, Model Customs Collectorate (Preventive), Karachi in his capacity as Authorized Officer served Show Cause Notice dated 16.11.2018 upon the accused officer.

However, the accused neither submitted his written defence reply to the Authorized Officer nor appeared for personal hearing before the Authorized Officer. Therefore he failed to defend himself against the charges of “Misconduct” on his part.

The Member (Admn)/ Authority, on the recommendations of Authorized Officer has therefore, imposed the major penalty of “Dismissal from Service” upon the accused Hassan Ashraf, Preventive Officer under Rule 4(1)(b)(iv) of the Government Servants (Efficiency & Discipline) Rules, 1973 with immediate effect.

He shall have the right of Appeal as admissible in the Civil Servants (Appeal) Rules, 1977.

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