Promotion committees formed for Customs officials

Promotion committees formed for Customs officials

ISLAMABAD: Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on Monday constituted department promotion and selection committees for making recommendation for promotions and selections of Customs officials.

A notification issued by the FBR stated that in pursuance of Establishment Division’s concurrence conveyed vide OM No. 13/16/2015-R.IV dated February 12, 2021, the following departmental promotion/selection committees in respect of posts in BS-17 to BS-18, BS-16 to BS-17 and BS-11 to BS-16 for Pakistan Customs Service / Customs field formation have been constituted for making recommendations to the appointing authority for promotions and selection:

For post in BS-16 to BS-17 and BS-17 to BS-18:

01. Member (Admn/HRM)(BS-21), Chairman

02. Chief HRMC BS-20, Member

03. Chief F&C BS-20, Member

04. Secretary HRMC Concerned BS-18/19: Member

05. Secretary Litigation concerned: Co-opted Member

For post in BS-11 to BS-16

01. Chief (HRMC) BS-20: Chairman

02. Secretary (HRMC-1) BS-19: Member

03. Secretary (HRMC concerned) BS-19: Member

04. Secretary Litigation concerned: Co-opted member

The FBR said that the instant notification would supersede all previous office orders/notification for promotions / selections in respect of BS-11 to BS-18 of Pakistan Customs Service /Customs field formations.