PTA Denies Approval for New ONIC Mobile Operator Launch

PTA Denies Approval for New ONIC Mobile Operator Launch

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has stepped in to address recent misconceptions circulating among the public and social media users regarding the emergence of a new mobile services operator in Pakistan, operating under the name ONIC.

The PTA has officially stated that no fresh mobile cellular license has been granted to any operator for the purpose of launching mobile services in the country.

Pak Telecom Mobile Limited (PTML), the parent company behind the well-known Ufone brand, is at the forefront of introducing a new digital offering named ONIC.

This innovative product aims to cater to the burgeoning digital market segment. ONIC seeks to provide a convenient and modern engagement experience, differing from the conventional service delivery approach, which will particularly resonate with high-end users.

In an effort to ensure transparent regulatory adherence and safeguard consumer interests, the PTA has been actively engaged in discussions with PTML concerning their ONIC launch plans.

In accordance with their commitment to upholding regulatory standards and prioritizing consumer protection, the PTA has provided counsel to PTML, urging them to complete all requisite regulatory prerequisites prior to the official launch of ONIC.

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