Richa Chadha Signs Comedy Film, Shooting Begins October

Richa Chadha Signs Comedy Film, Shooting Begins October

Acclaimed actress Richa Chadha is gearing up for her next project, a comedy film slated to start shooting in October.

The film, penned by Amitosh Nagpal, will be set against the backdrop of North India. Chadha, known for her versatile roles, expressed her excitement about the script and her eagerness to dive back into work.

“I am determined to get back to work as soon as possible and not take a long break, as I have pending commitments,” said Chadha, highlighting her dedication to her craft. The actress emphasized the importance of balancing professional and personal life, drawing inspiration from her mother.

Chadha elaborated, “I take immense inspiration from my own mother, who managed both roles with grace and efficiency. I believe I can handle both duties effectively as well, because it depends on the kind of support system you have around you and how hands-on your partner is. In my case, I feel blessed to have both those things figured out.”

Reflecting on the resilience of women, Chadha added, “I don’t think it is out of the ordinary. I have seen the badass women of Mumbai take local trains well into their ninth month, heading to work, looking perfectly groomed with their gajras intact. I am very inspired by the average Indian woman and don’t want this to be treated as a medical condition. It is a natural part of life.”

Chadha’s determination and work ethic have been evident throughout her career, with standout performances in films like “Masaan,” “Fukrey,” and “Section 375.” Her upcoming project promises to be a delightful addition to her repertoire, bringing her unique blend of talent and humor to the big screen.

As the film industry slowly recovers from the impact of the pandemic, Chadha’s commitment to returning to work and taking on new challenges is a testament to her passion for acting. Fans eagerly await the start of this new project, which promises to deliver laughter and entertainment, showcasing Chadha’s comedic prowess.

With shooting set to commence in October, the film is poised to capture the essence of North Indian humor, infused with Nagpal’s witty writing and Chadha’s dynamic performance. This project is sure to be a highlight in the upcoming cinematic calendar, marking another milestone in Richa Chadha’s illustrious career.