Saudia Unveils Sanitizing Prayer Beads for Ramadan and Umrah

Saudia Unveils Sanitizing Prayer Beads for Ramadan and Umrah

In a groundbreaking move, Saudia, the national flag carrier of Saudi Arabia, has unveiled the world’s first sanitizing prayer beads just in time for the holy month of Ramadan and the Umrah season.

The innovative product, known as ProtecTasbih, combines the spiritual practice of tasbih with the added benefit of hand sanitization, redefining the traditional prayer beads and reflecting a perfect blend of cultural reverence and modern health consciousness.

Developed in collaboration with creative agency partners, ProtecTasbih is set to revolutionize the spiritual experience during the Umrah pilgrimage and the sacred month of Ramadan. These prayer beads offer a dual function, providing both a tactile tool for prayer and a convenient means of maintaining hand hygiene.

Tea tree oil, renowned for its effectiveness against a broad spectrum of bacteria, serves as the key sanitizing element in ProtecTasbih. The oil disrupts the cell membrane of bacteria, ensuring a comprehensive and natural approach to hand sanitization. Employing a unique molding technique, the tea tree oil is seamlessly integrated into a semi-solid compound, resulting in a solid bead that retains its spiritual significance while promoting health and hygiene.

Essam Akhonbay, Vice President of Marketing at Saudia, expressed the airline’s commitment to the well-being of all guests. “At Saudia, our commitment to the well-being of all our guests is paramount. We take pride in introducing a unique product that enhances the pilgrimage experience, allowing our guests to fully immerse themselves in their spiritual journey,” Akhonbay stated.

The ProtecTasbih prayer beads will be available on board for all Saudia guests, providing them with a novel way to ensure a healthier and more sanitary pilgrimage journey. Beyond the confines of the aircraft, these innovative prayer beads have also been distributed across the holy city of Makkah, emphasizing Saudia’s dedication to promoting health and safety within the community.

As the Umrah season approaches, and with Ramadan just around the corner, the introduction of ProtecTasbih aligns with the Kingdom’s efforts to enhance the experience for pilgrims and visitors alike. This initiative not only showcases Saudia’s commitment to innovation but also highlights the importance of combining tradition with modernity to address the evolving needs of travelers in today’s world.

The world’s first sanitizing prayer beads represent a pioneering step toward harmonizing spirituality and health, setting a new standard for the intersection of cultural practices and contemporary solutions. As travelers embark on their spiritual journeys, ProtecTasbih serves as a symbol of the Kingdom’s dedication to ensuring a sacred and safe experience for all.