Senate advises salary increase by 10 percent

Senate advises salary increase by 10 percent

ISLAMABAD: The Senate of Pakistan has recommended increase in salary of government employees by at least 10 percent for fiscal year starting July 01, 2020.

As per the general consensus recommendations of the upper house after the debate on budget 2020/2021, it is recommended that salary of government employees should be enhanced at least 10 percent.

The upper house further recommended that the federal government should double the budget for education and health sectors.

It is recommended that all important debt agreements must be placed before the parliament for scrutiny immediately.

The budget allocation for ministry of national health services, regulations and coordination must be enhanced to a minimum five percent as per WHO recommendations.

The 11 percent cut imposed on the share of the provinces in violation of National Finance Commission (NFC) Award must be revised immediately.

The Senate of Pakistan recommended to the National Assembly that the allocation for Ministry of Education must be increased by 20 percent.

It is recommended that salaries of the medical and para-medical staff working in ICT should be enhanced reasonably.

The Senate recommended that the government should allocate more funds for management of rain water reservoirs. A special fund should also be allocated for construction of new small/mini dams.

Budgetary allocation of Higher Education Commission (HEC) should be enhanced to Rs100 billion.

The upper house recommended that the government should allocate funds for improvement in the aviation sector and to upgrade airports all over the country.

The government should expedite the process of loss making projects in a transparent manner.

The government should raise the amount of funds allotted for locust control in 2020/2021, from Rs4 billion to Rs8 billion keeping in view of the losses suffered by small farmers in locusts affected areas.

It is recommended to raise at least 50 percent in the corona stimulus package for fertilizer subsidy, loan remission and other relief to the farmers, keeping in view of covid-19 situation and food insecurity on account of locusts attacks.