Shipping Activity and Cargo Handling at Karachi Port for December 1, 2023

Shipping Activity and Cargo Handling at Karachi Port for December 1, 2023

Karachi, December 1, 2023 – The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has released the shipping movement details for the last 24 hours, providing insights into the arrivals and departures of vessels at the port, as well as the cargo handling turnover during this period.

Ships Berthed:

1. Xin Pu Dong (Container)

2. M.T Sargodha (Tanker)

3. TRF Kristansand (Tanker)

4. Newsun Vision (Rice)

5. TS Singapore (Container Ship)

Ships Sailed:

1. Ever Utile

2. Arman 10

3. M.T Mardan

4. SL Griffin

Expected Sailing (Date):

1. XI Chang Shi – 01-12-2023

2. Medi Astoria – 01-12-2023

3. Xin Pu Dong – 01-12-2023

Expected Arrival (Date and Cargo):

1. PVT Flora – 01-12-2023 (D/2000 Chemical)

2. Wawasan Topaz – 01-12-2023 (D/2000 Chemical)

3. Sounion Trader – 01-12-2023 (D/L Container)

4. Da Chang – 01-12-2023 (D/3614 General Cargo)

5. Hafnia Ammolite – 02-12-2023 (D/12 Crude Degummed Soya Bean Oil)

Cargo Handling Turnover:

The total cargo handled at Karachi Port during the last 24 hours amounted to 169,916 Metric Tons. The breakdown reveals the handling of 57,239 Metric Tons of export cargo and 112,677 Metric Tons of import cargo during this period.

Commodity-wise Handling (in Metric Tons):

• Containerized Cargo: 91,595 (Import: 40,285, Export: 51,310)

• Chickpeas: 642 (Import)

• Clinkers: 5,929 (Export)

• Lentils: 1,924 (Import)

• Rapeseed: 2,572 (Import)

• Oil/Liquid Cargo: 54,048 (Import)

This report reflects a dynamic and active shipping environment at Karachi Port, with a diverse range of vessels berthing, sailing, and expected in the coming days. The cargo turnover, both in terms of imports and exports, showcases the port’s significant role in facilitating trade and commerce.

The handling of various commodities, including containerized cargo, oil, and bulk shipments, underscores Karachi Port’s versatility and capability to manage a wide array of goods. As vessels continue to arrive and depart, Karachi Port remains a vital hub for international trade, contributing to the economic activities of the region. The expected arrivals and sailings further indicate sustained momentum in maritime operations at the port in the coming days.

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