Shipping Activity at Port Qasim for February 28, 2024

Shipping Activity at Port Qasim for February 28, 2024

Karachi, February 28, 2024 – The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) has released its shipping activity report for Wednesday, February 28, 2024, providing essential information for stakeholders and industry players.

Four ships – Maersk Hartford, Fast, MSC London, and Coral Actinia – were scheduled to load and offload containers, cement, palm oil, and chemicals at Container Terminal, Multi-Purpose Terminal, Liquid Terminal, and Engro Terminal, respectively, on Tuesday. This diverse range of cargo highlights the significance of Port Qasim as a major hub for various industries.

During the last 24 hours, an additional four ships – Ice Fighter, Maratha Polis, Xin Hai Tong 29, and Chemtrans Baltic – arrived at the outer anchorage of the port, gearing up for loading and offloading activities involving condensate, containers, coal, and mogas.

In total, nine ships were engaged at PQA berths during this period. Two ships, Shimanami Star and Maersk Hartford, departed from the port on Wednesday. Another ship, Coral Actinia, is expected to set sail on the same day, continuing the dynamic flow of maritime activity.

The cargo handling operations at Port Qasim remained robust, with a total volume of 95,601 tonnes. This comprised 55,926 tonnes of import cargo and 39,675 tonnes of export cargo. The handling included containerized cargo carried in 2,397 containers, with 689 TEUs for imports and 1,708 TEUs for exports. The efficient management of cargo reaffirms Port Qasim’s position as a vital trade gateway for the region.

Looking ahead, the outer anchorage of Port Qasim currently hosts fourteen ships, five of which – Marathapolis, Blue Cecil, Xin Hai Tong 29, Chemtrans Baltic, and Chemroad Aqua – are scheduled to load and offload containers, corn, coal, and chemicals. These operations are expected to take place at QICT, MW-1, PIBT, FOTCO, and EVTL berths on Wednesday.

Moreover, two more ships, Clements Schulte and APL Qingdao, are set to arrive at Port Qasim on Thursday, contributing to the continuous ebb and flow of maritime traffic in the region.

The shipping activity at Port Qasim reflects the port’s strategic importance in facilitating international trade, connecting businesses, and ensuring the smooth movement of goods. Stakeholders and industry observers continue to monitor these developments closely as Port Qasim remains a vital cog in Pakistan’s economic machinery.