Shipping Activity at Port Qasim on May 15, 2024

Shipping Activity at Port Qasim on May 15, 2024

Karachi, May 15, 2024 – The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) has released details of shipping activity for Wednesday, May 15, 2024, to facilitate stakeholders and provide insights into the bustling maritime operations at one of Pakistan’s premier ports.

A total of seven ships were engaged in loading and offloading operations at Port Qasim, handling a diverse range of cargo including iron ore, rice, coal, palm oil, chemicals, and mogas. The vessels—Maersk Columbus, Capricorn, Scorpio Glory, Zhe Hai-511, Asia Inspire, Victoria Kosan, and Jag Pavitra—were stationed at various terminals within the port, including the Container Terminal, Multi-Purpose Terminal, Grain Terminal, Liquid Terminal, and Oil Terminal.

In addition to the ongoing operations, two more ships—Ammos and Alba Gas—arrived at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim within the last 24 hours, further contributing to the maritime activity in the region.

During the same period, a total of nine ships were berthed at PQA docks, with two vessels, Maersk Columbus and PH Giang Minh, departing the port earlier today. Two more ships, Victoria Kosan and Horizon-1, are slated to set sail this afternoon, marking the continuation of efficient port operations.

The cargo handling statistics for the last 24 hours underscore the significant volume of trade passing through Port Qasim. A total cargo volume of 75,404 metric tons was processed, comprising 46,443 metric tons of import cargo and 28,961 metric tons of export cargo. This cargo was transported in 2,339 containers, consisting of 806 TEUs for imports and 1,533 TEUs for exports, highlighting the port’s pivotal role in facilitating international trade.

Looking ahead, there are currently nine ships anchored at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim, awaiting berthing opportunities. Among them, four vessels—Scio Spirit, HV Alice, Alba Gas, and Maersk Cabo Verde—are expected to dock at various terminals within the port complex today, facilitating the handling of palm kernels, coal, palm oil, LPG, and containers. Additionally, two container ships, Addison and San Diego Bridge, are scheduled to arrive at Port Qasim on Thursday, further contributing to the port’s vibrant maritime ecosystem.

The bustling shipping activity at Port Qasim underscores its strategic importance as a key gateway for trade and commerce in Pakistan, facilitating the seamless movement of goods and bolstering the country’s economic growth and development.