Shipping Bustle at Port Qasim for December 28, 2023

Shipping Bustle at Port Qasim for December 28, 2023

Karachi, December 28, 2023 – The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) has disclosed the bustling shipping activity at Port Qasim, offering stakeholders a comprehensive overview of the cargo vessels’ arrivals and departures.

In the last 24 hours, the port welcomed three noteworthy vessels – Cap Andreas, Maersk Cabo Verde, Sparto, and Isabella Kosan. These vessels, laden with Containers, Mogas, and LPG, gracefully berthed at Container Terminal, Oil Terminal, and Engro Terminal respectively, underscoring the port’s diverse handling capabilities.

Notably, the trio of Epos, Velos Libra, and Ejnan also entered the outer anchorage of the port, contributing to the dynamic maritime landscape. This surge in shipping activity echoes the resilience and significance of Port Qasim as a pivotal gateway for global trade.

During the same period, a total of eight ships were actively engaged at PQA berths, exemplifying the port’s operational efficiency. Of these, Maersk Cabo Verde, Simaisma, and Pacific Victory bid farewell to the port on Thursday morning, marking the continuation of the global supply chain. Additionally, two more ships, Isabella Kosan and Leena, are scheduled to set sail later in the afternoon, ensuring a seamless flow of goods and commodities.

Cargo throughput for the past 24 hours stood at an impressive 139,228 tonnes. This comprised 87,433 tonnes of imported cargo and 51,795 tonnes of exported cargo, further emphasizing Port Qasim’s dual role as a gateway and an exit point for goods. Notably, containerized cargo played a significant role, with 2,653 containers (733 TEUs imports and 1,920 TEUs exports) efficiently handled at the port, showcasing the port’s capacity to handle various types of cargo.

As of now, five ships adorn the Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, each adding its unique contribution to the maritime tableau. Notably, Epos and Vancour, laden with coal and containers, are expected to secure berths at PIBT and QICT on Thursday, December 28. The vibrant economic activity is set to continue, with two more container ships, Maersk Breezy and Myna, scheduled to grace Port Qasim with their presence on Friday.

The consistent influx and efflux of vessels, along with the robust handling of diverse cargo types, affirm Port Qasim’s pivotal role in facilitating global trade and maintaining the fluidity of the supply chain. The port’s strategic location and operational efficiency continue to make it a beacon for international shipping, fostering economic growth and connectivity in the region.