Shipping Buzz at Port Qasim on November 15

Shipping Buzz at Port Qasim on November 15

Karachi, November 15, 2023 – The Port Qasim Authority (PQA) in Karachi witnessed heightened shipping activity on Tuesday as five prominent vessels, namely MSC Nassau, Maersk Denver, MSC Medelaine, Southern Robin, and Milaha Raslaffan, berthed at the Qasim International Container Terminal, Liquid Cargo Terminal, and Engro Elengy Terminal, respectively.

The vessels were laden with a diverse range of cargo, including containers, palm oil, and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

In addition to these arrivals, the ‘Blue Majesty’ made its presence felt at the outer anchorage of the port, gearing up to load an impressive 3,550 tonnes of bitumen on this eventful November day.

The bustling maritime activity continued with a total of nine ships engaged at PQA berths over the past 24 hours. Among them, Maersk Denver, MSC Nassau, Clemens Schulte, and Al-Berta are set to sail this afternoon, marking the swift turnaround characteristic of one of Pakistan’s busiest ports.

The cargo handling statistics for the last 24 hours reveal a substantial volume of 203,577 tonnes. This includes 148,868 tonnes of imported cargo and 54,709 tonnes of export cargo. The cargo was distributed among 4,985 containers, with 2,905 TEUs for imports and 2,080 TEUs for exports, underscoring the robust trade flow through the port.

Looking ahead, the maritime horizon remains dynamic, with nine ships currently at the outer anchorage of Port Qasim. Notably, the containership ‘CSL Manhattan’ and two other vessels, Clemens Schulte and Minerva Olympia, are anticipated to secure berths at the Container Terminal and Oil Terminal, respectively, later today. Simultaneously, the containership ‘Vancouver’ is scheduled to grace Port Qasim with its presence on Thursday, contributing to the continual ebb and flow of the port’s maritime traffic.

The diverse array of cargo handled at Port Qasim reflects the port’s pivotal role in facilitating international trade, connecting Pakistan to the global market. The constant comings and goings of vessels, laden with commodities ranging from consumer goods to energy resources, underscore the port’s significance as a vital economic gateway for the country.

As Port Qasim remains a focal point for maritime activities, both in terms of cargo volume and vessel traffic, stakeholders in the shipping industry are closely monitoring developments, ensuring the smooth flow of goods and contributing to the economic vibrancy of the region.

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