Port Activities Highlight Cargo Movement in Pakistan on November 16, 2023

Port Activities Highlight Cargo Movement in Pakistan on November 16, 2023

KARACHI: The Karachi Port Trust (KPT) showcased dynamic port activities on November 16, 2023, as cargo ships engaged in significant arrivals and departures.

Over the last 24 hours, ending at 0700 hours, the KPT efficiently managed 90,046 tonnes of cargo, encompassing 62,241 tonnes of import cargo and 27,805 tonnes of export cargo.

The detailed breakdown of the import cargo includes 9,908 tonnes of Containerized Cargo, 322 tonnes of Bulk Cargo, 901 tonnes of Chickpeas, 7,114 tonnes of DAP, 18,061 tonnes of Wheat, and 25,935 tonnes of Oil & Liquid Cargo. On the export side, the total cargo of 27,805 tonnes comprised 22,143 tonnes of Containerized Cargo, 50 tonnes of Bulk Cargo, and 5,612 tonnes of Cement.

Thursday saw the handling of 2,222 containers, with 637 containers for import and 1,585 for export. The import container breakdown reveals 313 of 20-foot containers and 162 of 40-foot containers loaded, while on the export side, 620 of 20-foot containers and 224 of 40-foot containers were loaded. Additionally, 19 of 20-foot containers and 249 of 40-foot containers were handled empty during business hours.

Five ships, namely Safeen Prime, Maritec, Ts Ningbo, Louise Auerbach, and Ian H, berthed at Karachi Port Trust, while three ships, namely Songa Breeze, MT Mardan, and Clemens Schulte, also berthed during this period. Seven ships, including Safeen Prime, Minerva Olympia, Gsl Elizabeth, Louise Auerbach, Vancouver, Ian H, and Songa Breeze, sailed off from Karachi Port Trust.

Simultaneously, at Port Qasim Authority (PQA) berths, twelve ships were engaged during the last 24 hours, with seven ships departing on Thursday morning. The overall cargo throughput at PQA reached 125,367 tonnes, comprising 70,630 tonnes of imports and 54,737 tonnes of exports. This included containerized cargo carried in 3,239 containers (1,430 TEUs imports and 1,581 TEUs exports).

Currently, ten ships are positioned at the Outer Anchorage of Port Qasim, with the bulk cargo carrier Lucky River expected to take berth at MW-1 to load 15,000 tonnes of rice on Thursday, November 16, 2023. The port activities underline the robust nature of Pakistan’s maritime trade and its pivotal role in the global supply chain.

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