Sindh excise asks taxpayers to pay dues to get 25pc exemption

Sindh excise asks taxpayers to pay dues to get 25pc exemption

KARACHI: Sindh Excise Department has urged taxpayers to pay their dues till June 30, 2020 and avail exemption of 25 percent.

In a statement on Thursday, Provincial Minister for Excise and Taxation and Narcotics Control and Parliamentary Affairs Mukesh Kumar Chawla said that the Sindh Excise Department has introduced an online queue management system in view of the Sindh government’s health advisory to facilitate taxpayers.

“Tax defaulters should deposit their taxes and dues before June 30, as all the offices of the Sindh Excise Department are open as per the routine with one-third of the staff,” he said.

He said that in the current financial year till May, Rs 4602.548 million from Karachi, Rs 372.033 million from Hyderabad, Rs 231.850 million from Sukkur, Rs 80.380 million from Shaheed Benazirabad , Rs 83.467 million from Larkana and Rs. 46.629 million from Mirpurkhas were received in term of Motor Vehicle Tax.

Provincial Minister Mukesh Kumar Chawla further said that in terms of professional tax, Rs 419.515 million from Karachi, Rs 25.020 million from Hyderabad, Rs 25.723 million from Sukkur, Rs 11.511 million from Shaheed Benazirabad, Rs 23.960 million from Larkana and Rs 7.041 million from Mirpurkhas were received.

Giving the details of property tax collection, Provincial Minister for Excise & Taxation and Narcotics Control & Parliamentary Affairs Mukesh Kumar Chawla said that Rs 1678.884 million from Karachi, Rs 69.532 million from Hyderabad, Rs 33.102 million from Sukkur and Rs 9.186 million from Shaheed Benazirabad, Rs.22.137 million from Larkana and Rs.9.778 million from Mirpurkhas were recovered.

He said that the offices of Sindh Excise Department were open for collection of all taxes including professional tax and property tax.

He requested the taxpayers to get their challans and deposit their taxes and take the advantage of the 25 percent exemption in their taxes.