Weekly Active Taxpayers List Hits Record High at 5.2 Million

Weekly Active Taxpayers List Hits Record High at 5.2 Million

KARACHI, November 27, 2023 – The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) announced the release of the weekly Active Taxpayers List (ATL) on Monday, revealing a significant surge in the number of active taxpayers, setting a new record at 5.2 million by the week ending November 26, 2023.

The ATL, issued every Monday by the FBR, serves as a crucial document that encompasses the names of individuals and entities who have dutifully filed their income tax returns, ensuring their inclusion in the list by Sunday of the preceding week.

The current ATL, which includes the names of taxpayers who filed their returns for the tax year 2022, will remain effective until February 29, 2024.

It is noteworthy that the release of the weekly ATL is part of the FBR’s ongoing efforts to track and monitor the growth in the number of return filers in the country. The data provided by the ATL serves as a valuable tool for tax authorities to assess the compliance levels and the overall participation of taxpayers in fulfilling their fiscal responsibilities.

Come March 1, 2024, a new yearly ATL for the tax year 2023 will be unveiled. This list will feature the names of individuals and corporate entities who have filed their income tax returns for the specified tax year by February 29, 2024. The release of the yearly ATL is a pivotal moment for both tax authorities and taxpayers, marking a transition to a fresh set of data that will shape the understanding of the nation’s tax landscape for the upcoming fiscal year.

The ATL holds particular significance for taxpayers as well. In Pakistan, individuals or entities not appearing on the ATL – commonly referred to as non-filers – face a substantial financial implication. Such non-filers are subject to paying a withholding income tax at the time of financial transactions, and the rates can be as high as 100 percent or more. This stringent measure is designed to incentivize compliance and ensure that a broader spectrum of the population actively contributes to the national revenue.

The tax authorities, through the ATL, not only keep a close eye on the compliance levels but also utilize the data to streamline the tax collection process. By encouraging taxpayers to be part of the ATL, the FBR aims to create a transparent and accountable tax system that fosters economic growth and sustainability.

As the ATL continues to evolve with each passing week, it provides a real-time snapshot of the tax landscape in Pakistan. The consistent growth in the number of active taxpayers is a positive indicator, reflecting a collective effort towards a more robust and accountable fiscal environment. The FBR’s commitment to releasing timely and comprehensive ATLs underlines its dedication to fostering a culture of tax compliance and financial responsibility among the citizens of Pakistan.