SSGC restores normalcy in gas supply to Karachi

SSGC restores normalcy in gas supply to Karachi

Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC) on Friday announced that the supply of natural gas to Karachi has returned to normal levels, providing relief to residents and businesses.

The utility clarified that no load management measures were implemented during the daytime. However, an unexpected decrease in pressure within the Sui Southern Gas system on May 17, 2023, resulted in temporary disruptions to the gas supply in approximately 25 to 30 percent of areas across Karachi.

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Prompt action was taken by SSGC to rectify the situation, and the disrupted gas supply was fully restored by 6 pm on the same day. This swift resolution demonstrates the company’s commitment to addressing any issues that may arise and ensuring a consistent gas supply for the city.

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It is important to note that Pakistan is currently facing an annual decline of 10 percent in its natural gas reserves. This, coupled with a decrease in gas received from Sui Southern Gas, has created a growing demand and supply gap, particularly during the summer season. The company acknowledges the challenges posed by these factors and is actively working to manage the situation effectively.

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Despite these challenges, SSGC remains dedicated to meeting the gas requirements of Karachi and surrounding areas. However, occasional fluctuations in gas pressure may occur due to the prevailing circumstances, as was experienced on May 17, 2023. The company is focused on implementing measures to minimize such occurrences and ensure a reliable and consistent gas supply to its customers.

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By promptly addressing the recent disruption and taking steps to manage the demand and supply gap, SSGC aims to ensure a stable gas supply for Karachi, promoting the well-being of residents and supporting the smooth functioning of businesses in the city.