Toyota Halts Sales After Safety Testing Discrepancies Found

Toyota Halts Sales After Safety Testing Discrepancies Found – Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) faces a setback after uncovering irregularities in certification testing procedures for several vehicles.

This revelation, prompted by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), has led to the temporary suspension of sales and shipments for three popular models in the Japanese market.

The investigation identified discrepancies in testing methods used for seven models, including both current and discontinued ones. These discrepancies deviated from the government-mandated standards for crashworthiness and pedestrian safety.

Here is a breakdown of the impacted vehicles:

Currently In Production:

Corolla Fielder

Corolla Axio

Yaris Cross





Lexus RX

While TMC assures customers that the identified testing irregularities don’t translate to safety hazards or legal non-compliance with the vehicles themselves, the company acknowledges the severity of the issue.

This comes on the heels of similar certification problems discovered at other Toyota group companies, raising concerns about potential systemic shortcomings.

To address the situation, TMC has implemented the following measures:

Sales and Shipment Halt: The Corolla Fielder, Corolla Axio, and Yaris Cross will be temporarily unavailable for purchase and delivery within Japan.

Enhanced Cooperation: TMC is working closely with authorities to facilitate further investigations and re-testing procedures to ensure adherence to proper safety standards.

Renewed Commitment: The company reaffirms its dedication to the “ever-better cars” philosophy enshrined in the Toyota Group Vision, emphasizing its unwavering commitment to safety and continuous improvement.

This incident casts a shadow on Toyota’s long-standing reputation for reliability and safety. However, the company’s swift response in halting sales and collaborating with regulators demonstrates a proactive approach to regaining customer trust.

The coming weeks will be crucial for TMC as it navigates the investigation, implements corrective measures, and strives to rebuild confidence in its commitment to safety.