Xiaomi SU7 Update Brings City NOA, Cabin Tech Advancements

Xiaomi SU7 Update Brings City NOA, Cabin Tech Advancements

PkRevenue.com – Xiaomi Auto is revving up the Xiaomi SU7 with a software update packed with driver assistance and in-car entertainment upgrades. Arriving on June 6 in China, the update brings the highly anticipated City NOA (Navigation-assisted Pilot Driving) system to compatible SU7 models.

City NOA for Eligible Drivers

City NOA promises a smoother driving experience within designated areas of ten major Chinese cities. However, to access this feature, SU7 drivers must meet specific criteria:

Own an SU7 Pro or SU7 Max equipped with the Xiaomi Pilot Max intelligent driving system.

Have accumulated 1,000 kilometers of safe intelligent driving by May 31st, 2024.

Enhanced Driving Experience for All

Even for SU7 drivers who don’t qualify for City NOA yet, the update offers improvements:

Optimized acceleration and deceleration on ramps for a more comfortable ride.

Enhanced body feel during high-speed lane changes for increased stability.

Improved smart parking functionality for easier maneuvering.

Powerful Tech Under the Hood

The Xiaomi Pilot Max system boasts impressive hardware:

Dual Nvidia Drive Orin chips delivering 508 TOPS of processing power.

LiDAR technology as part of a comprehensive sensor suite.

This combination positions Xiaomi as a serious contender in the autonomous driving space.

Relax and Recharge Inside

Beyond driving, the update focuses on in-car comfort with the Xiaomi HyperOS 1.2.0 upgrade. A new “nap mode” creates a calming atmosphere for passengers to rest during journeys. Additional improvements to the smart cockpit enhance the overall user experience.

Faster Deliveries and Production Ramp Up

Xiaomi is also streamlining its production processes. Customers can now expect a shorter wait time between order and delivery, with the cooling-down period after placing an order reduced from 7 days to 3 days (for large orders).

Additionally, the company’s second production shift has come online, aiming to deliver over 10,000 cars in June – a significant increase from May’s record-breaking 8,630 deliveries.