Toyota Pakistan Launches Highly Anticipated Prado in Two Variants

Toyota Pakistan Launches Highly Anticipated Prado in Two Variants

Toyota Pakistan has introduced the much-anticipated Toyota Prado in the local market, available in two distinct variants – petrol and diesel.

The new Toyota Prado seamlessly blends a fusion of traditional ruggedness with contemporary elegance, both inside and out. Boasting a design philosophy focused on reliability, timelessness, and professionalism, the vehicle promises to cater to the diverse needs of Pakistani drivers, whether navigating challenging terrains or cruising through city streets.

Safety remains paramount in the design of the new Prado, with features engineered to provide optimal visibility and user-friendly controls, coupled with advanced safety technologies.

With its robust yet sophisticated design, coupled with cutting-edge features and unwavering reliability, the all-new Toyota Prado sets a new benchmark in the realm of off-road luxury vehicles.


The ex-factory for the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.7L petrol variant stands at PKR 66,600,000, while the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 2.8L diesel variant is priced at PKR 75,550,000.

Available Exterior Colors:

The SUV comes in a variety of exterior colors, such as Dark Gray and Avant Garde Bronze exclusive to the petrol variant, and Super White available for the petrol variant as well. Additionally, the options include Platinum White Pearl for both petrol and diesel variants, as well as Black and Attitude Black for the petrol variant.


The Toyota Prado offers two engine options catering to different driving preferences and requirements.

The 2.7 Petrol variant is equipped with a 2TR-FE engine, boasting a naturally aspirated air intake system. Paired with a 6th-speed automatic transmission, it delivers a power output of 163 HP at 5200 RPM and a torque of 246 Nm at 3900 RPM, all while adhering to Euro 4 emission standards.

On the other hand, the 2.8 Diesel variant features a robust 1GD-FTV engine with a turbocharged air intake system, providing enhanced performance. Mated to an 8th-speed automatic transmission, this diesel powerhouse generates an impressive 201 HP at 3000-3400 RPM and a torque of 500 Nm at 1600 RPM, meeting Euro 2 emission standards.


The exterior features of the Toyota Prado elevate both style and functionality across its 2.8 Diesel and 2.7 Petrol variants. Equipped with projector LED headlights for enhanced visibility, both models provide a clear view of the road ahead.

While the 2.8 Diesel variant boasts headlights washers for added convenience, the 2.7 Petrol version maintains a sleek design without this feature. Auto-leveling headlights are a standard across both variants, ensuring optimal illumination regardless of terrain. LED fog lamps further enhance visibility in adverse weather conditions for both models.

Additionally, both variants come equipped with a sunroof, door scuff plates, and auto windshield wipers for added comfort and convenience. The bumper design, featuring a matte black finish with a front skid plate, exudes ruggedness and durability, complementing the Prado’s off-road capabilities.

While the 2.8 Diesel variant features a powered tailgate for effortless access to the cargo area, the 2.7 Petrol variant offers a manual tailgate, providing practicality tailored to individual preferences.


The interior of the Toyota Prado 2.8 Diesel and 2.7 Petrol variants offer a blend of comfort, sophistication, and functionality tailored to meet diverse preferences and needs. Both models feature a dashboard adorned with leather-like material in the middle section, accented by glossy piano black AC vents and dense ABS high-quality plastic at the bottom, exuding a premium aesthetic. The three-spoke steering wheel in both variants is embossed with Toyota badging, accompanied by steering switches for convenient access to various controls.

While the 2.8 Diesel variant offers leather seats, providing luxurious comfort, the 2.7 Petrol model boasts high-quality fabric upholstery for a refined seating experience. Driver and passenger seat adjustments differ between the two variants, with the 2.8 Diesel featuring power adjustments with memory functions, while the 2.7 Petrol offers manual adjustments.

In terms of climate control, the 2.8 Diesel variant boasts dual-zone digital climate control, allowing occupants to personalize their comfort settings. Conversely, the 2.7 Petrol variant features a single-zone manual system. Heated seats and AC ventilation in seats are exclusive to the 2.8 Diesel variant, enhancing comfort during diverse weather conditions.

The interior amenities of both variants include leather-stitched armrests, center console boxes with a refrigerator feature, and roof lights for enhanced visibility. Additionally, both models offer an illuminated entry system, accessory sockets, and multi-terrain selector functionalities for optimal convenience and adaptability across various driving scenarios.

Whether it’s the luxurious leather seats and advanced climate control of the 2.8 Diesel or the refined fabric upholstery and manual adjustments of the 2.7 Petrol, the Toyota Prado interior ensures a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience for all occupants.

Safety Features:

Safety is paramount in both the Toyota Prado 2.8 Diesel and 2.7 Petrol variants, with an array of features designed to ensure the protection of occupants in various driving scenarios. Both models come equipped with anti-lock braking systems (ABS) and vehicle stability assist (VSA), enhancing control and stability on diverse road surfaces. Additionally, both variants feature an immobilizer system, providing added security against theft.

In terms of passive safety features, both the 2.8 Diesel and 2.7 Petrol variants are equipped with six airbags strategically placed throughout the cabin, including front and side airbags for optimal protection in the event of a collision. Seat belts are provided for both front and rear occupants, further enhancing occupant safety and restraint.

Moreover, both variants come with ISOFIX child seat anchor points, facilitating the secure installation of compatible child seats, ensuring the safety of young passengers during travel. With a comprehensive suite of safety features and technologies, the Toyota Prado 2.8 Diesel and 2.7 Petrol variants prioritize the well-being of occupants, providing peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike