Price of New Changan Karvaan 1200cc in Pakistan

Price of New Changan Karvaan 1200cc in Pakistan

Changan Pakistan has introduced the upgraded version of its popular MPV, the Changan Karvaan Plus, promising improved performance and fuel efficiency for drivers.

A standout feature of this latest release is the debut of the Karvaan Plus 1.2MPFI, housing a robust 1200cc engine. With a remarkable 42 percent increase in power and a 20 percent boost in fuel efficiency, this engine enhancement ensures a superior driving experience.


Changan Pakistan maintains the introductory price of the Karvaan Plus variant at PKR 2,999,999, appealing to budget-conscious buyers.

Engine Specifications:

Beneath the hood lies the advanced 1.2L EA-12, 14 DOHC 1200cc engine, generating an impressive 96.5hp output and 119 Nm of torque. Paired with a seamless 5-speed manual transmission, this powertrain guarantees optimal performance on the road.

In addition to its enhanced engine performance and fuel efficiency, the revamped Changan Karvaan Plus prioritizes passenger comfort and convenience. Inside, a quieter interior sets the stage for serene journeys, while dual air conditioning ensures a pleasant atmosphere regardless of external conditions.

The spacious cabin layout accommodates 6+1 passengers comfortably, offering ample room and flexibility in seating arrangements.

Enhanced Features:

The Karvaan Plus variant includes an enticing Plus Package, featuring front power windows, electronic PS power steering, keyless entry, central locking for all doors, and a stylish beige and grey interior scheme. Practical accessories such as mudguards, wheel arch covers, and premium floor carpets add to the appeal, alongside 2 central and 2 door cupholders for added convenience.

Impressive Specifications:

The Changan Karvaan Plus is equipped with projector halogen headlamps, fog lamps, a high-mount stop lamp, and sturdy 13-inch steel rims paired with 165/70R 14LT tires for stability and control on diverse road surfaces.

Inside, passengers enjoy comfortable seating arrangements, with adjustable seats in the first and second rows and fixed, fold-down seats in the third row. Dual air conditioning, a standard cluster with LCD display, and an MP3 player with AM/FM radio, AUX, and USB connectivity ensure entertainment and comfort on the go.

With its upgraded performance, fuel efficiency, and an array of features, the Changan Karvaan Plus sets a new benchmark for MPVs in Pakistan, catering to the diverse needs of consumers.

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